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Glaucoma Research and Clinical Advances 2018 to 2020

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by J.R. Samples (Author), P.A. Knepper (Author)


    Glaucoma Research and Clinical Advances 2018 to 2020

    by J.R. Samples (Author), P.A. Knepper (Author)

    This volume was conceived as a recurring project. It is neither book nor journal. Books are infrequently edited and rarely up-to-date for more than a year or two; journals are really devoted to the standard experimental format and no longer permit authors to wander into speculation or lengthy discussions of what might come next. There is room for a plurality of publishing approaches. All of these formats have their place and all have different purposes in moving a field forward. Our volume is designed allow us to consolidate new information and hold forth on speculation in glaucoma. It does so in both the basic sciences and clinical sciences. It is our hope that this consolidation of hypotheses and theories, along with identifying new information and new speculation will propel us toward a more rapid cure for glaucoma. It will be refined and updated over the years to come to keep it the most essential of all references.

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