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Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery: Refractive and Non-Refractive Management

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by Priya Narang (Author), William B. Trattler (Author)


    Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery: Refractive and Non-Refractive Management 

    by Priya Narang (Author), William B. Trattler (Author)

    A concise review and comprehensive guide to improving cataract surgery outcomes

    Significant advances have been made in refractive surgery in the last decade. Eye surgeons today can leverage many cutting-edge intraocular lens (IOL) technologies such as multifocal, extended depth of field, toric, accommodating, and aspheric. Concurrent innovations including optics, phacoemulsification, superior keratometry and biometry, and posterior cornea evaluation have resulted in improved cataract surgery outcomes. Recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of cataracts have dramatically improved patient satisfaction following cataract surgery, yet common and rare complications still occur such as dry eye, endophthalmitis, and retinal detachment. Furthermore, only 80% of cataract surgery procedures bring patients to within 0.5 diopters of their needed refraction.

    Optimizing Suboptimal Results Following Cataract Surgery: Refractive and Non-Refractive Managementpresents the latest techniques for achieving optimal results and overcoming complications in cataract surgery. Internationally renowned ophthalmic surgery pioneers Priya Narang and William Trattler have created an unparalleled guide to overcoming complex cases and residual refractive errors. The book starts with six chapters on suboptimal causes and considerations, followed by dedicated sections covering refractive and non-refractive enhancements. The fourth section features chapters on keratoconus, cystoid macular edema, endophthalmitis, toxic anterior segment syndrome, and vitritis, as well as intraoperative aberrometry, futuristic approaches and advancements, and telescopic IOLs.

    Key Highlights

    • Refractive enhancement procedures including corneal-based procedures such as astigmatic keratotomy, LASIK, PRK, and SMILE; IOL exchange; piggyback IOL; toric IOL; and premium IOLs and associated problems
    • Nonrefractive enhancement procedures including dysphotopsias and surgical management, bullous keratopathy and endothelial keratoplasty, complex IOL issues such as malpositioned IOL and capsular bag, and posterior capsular rupture and IOL lens implantation
    • Practical tips and steps to prevent and manage undesired outcomes
    • 30 surgical videos posted online highlight a diverse array of complex cases and technical advances to help prevent suboptimal results

    Ophthalmologists, ophthalmology residents, fellows, and subspecialists will greatly benefit from the significant pearls and knowledge presented in this indispensable cataract surgery resource.

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