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2019 Classic Lectures in Pathology What You Need to Know Genitourinary Pathology

Details : 9  Videos
Size : 2.5 Gb



Topics And Speakers:
 1. A Contemporary Approach to Prostate Pathology
2. Updates in Renal Epithelial Neoplasia
3. A Practical Approach to the Use of Biomarkers in Genitourinary Pathology
4. Diagnostic Approach to Difficult Prostate Needle Biopsies
5. Diagnostic Approach to Flat and Papillary Urothelial Lesion
6. Pattern Based Approach to Diagnosis and Classification of Renal Tumors
7. The Critical Role of the Pathologist in the Management of Bladder Cancer
8. Reporting of Prostate Cancer in Needle Biopsy Specimens Gleason Grading and More
9. The 2016 WHO Classification of Kidney Tumors New Entities and Diagnostic Challenges

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