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2020 Computed Tomography

Format:  30 Video Files +  1 PDF File.



1. Expert Differential Diagnosis Dilated Bowel
2. Approach to a Thick Colonic Wall on CT
3. CT Radiation Dose Magnitude and Mitigation
4. CT of the Acute Abdomen GU Applications
5. CT of Renal Masses A Practical Approach
6. Differential Diagnosis Cystic Pancreatic
7. CT Evaluation of GI Bleeding
8. Update on Pancreatic Cancer Imaging
9. Pearls and Pitfalls in Body CT
10. Right Lower Quadrant Pain
11. Understanding and Avoiding Malpractice in Body CT
12. CT Imaging of NAFLD, NASH and the Metabolic Syndrome
13. Expert Differential Diagnosis The Cystic Hepatic Mass
14. Lung Cancer Screening on Low Dose CT Current Status
15. Dual Energy CT Science and Practice
16. CT Imaging of Peritoneal Disease
17. Deep Learning What You Need to Know as a Radiologist Today
18. Incidental Findings at Abdominal CT
19. CT for Non-invasive Staging of Liver Fibrosis Beyond Elastography
1. Tips, Tricks and Pitfalls in Body Oncology CT
2. Pulmonary Embolism Imaging on CT
3. Interstitial Lung Disease
1. MDCT Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain in the Emergency Room
2. Updates in Neuro CT
3. Neuroimaging of Stroke
4. Multimodal CT and MR in the Evaluation of Non-Aneurysmal, Non-Traumatic Intracranial Hemorrhage
5. Clearing the Injured Spine with CT and MR
6. Developmental Sinonasal and Anterior Skull Base Lesions
7. Common Presenting Problems in Head and Neck Imaging
8. Organized Approach to Orbital Imaging

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