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2020 Lung Imaging: Highlighting Lung Screening and Interstitial Lung Disease

Format: 16 Video Files + 1 PDF File.
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1. CT Protocols for Today and Tomorrow
2. The Many Faces of Atelectasis
3. Infections That May Be Diagnosable on CT
4. Pleural Disease Imaging
5. Occupational Lung Disease More Common Than Suspected
6. Pathways to Fibrosis
7. Cigarette Smoke Related Diffuse Lung Disease
8. Small Airway Injury Radiology, Pathology and Physiology
9. Diffuse Lung Disease Unknown Cases Rad-Path Correlation
10. Imaging of Large Airways
11. Lung Cancer Screening Program Building for Success
12. Typical and Atypical Manifestations of Screen-Detected Lung Cancer
13. LungRADS – Primer & Updates
14. Lung Cancer Screening Performance Metrics
15. What the Radiologist Needs to Know About the Adenocarcinoma Spectrum
16. Missed Lung Cancer and Other Thoracic Mishaps

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