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2020 Neuroradiology in Clinical Practice

Details : 33 Videos
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Topics And Speakers:
1. AI in Medical Imaging
2. Differential Diagnosis of Basal Ganglia Abnormalities
3. Imaging White Matter Disease
4. Imaging Neurodegenerative Disorders
5. PET MR in Neurologic Disease
6. Imaging the Phakomatoses
7. Gliomas and Tumor Markers
8. MR Imaging of Skull Base Pathology
9. CNS Trauma Lessons from MRI
10. Imaging in Headache
11. Imaging the Found Down Patient
12. Degenerative Disc Disease Pathophysiology and Nomenclature
13. The Radiologist’s Role in Neck and Back Pain Management
14. Advanced Imaging of the Spine
15. Spine Infection and Mimics
16. Regenerative Medicine A Primer for Radiologists
17. Spine Oncology Imaging and Interpretation
18. MRI of Spine Trauma
19. Acute Stroke Imaging and Therapy Neuroradiology in the Leadership Role
20. CT of Acute Stroke
21. Stroke Neurology Differentials and Clinical Diagnosis
22. Brain Aneurysms Basics and Treatment Options
23. Stroke Imaging Update
24. Imaging of Acute Hemorrhage and Ischemic Stroke
25. Stroke Thrombectomy Data, Literature, and Guidelines Review
26. Rapid Protocols in Acute Ischemic Stroke
27. Practical Tips for Opening the Occlusion How I Do It
28. MR Angiography Techniques Imaging Options and Physics
29. Emergency Stroke Triage
30. Stroke Epidemiology and Risk Factor Management
31. Evaluation of Vasospasm and Delayed Ischemia
32. Acute Management of Stroke

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