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2020 Stroke Imaging and Intervention

Format: 14 Video Files + 1 PDF File.



1. Acute Stroke Imaging and Therapy Neuroradiology in the Leadership Role
2. CT of Acute Stroke
3. Stroke Neurology Differentials and Clinical Diagnosis
4. Brain Aneurysms Basics and Treatment Options
5. Stroke Imaging Update
6. Imaging of Acute Hemorrhage and Ischemic Stroke
7. Stroke Thrombectomy Data, Literature, and Guidelines Review
8. Rapid Protocols in Acute Ischemic Stroke
9. Practical Tips for Opening the Occlusion How I Do It
10. MR Angiography Techniques Imaging Options and Physics
11. Emergency Stroke Triage
12. Stroke Epidemiology and Risk Factor Management
13. Evaluation of Vasospasm and Delayed Ischemia
14. Acute Management of Stroke

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