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2021 SCCT Board Review and Update of Cardiovascular CT




Day 1, Part 1: 2021 Board Review

Welcome, Introduction and Entry Exam – Armin A. Zadeh

CT Fundamentals: Basic Principles and Scan Modes – Mahadevappa Mahesh
Scan Acquisition and Protocols – Edward P. Shapiro
Appropriate Patient Selection & Preparation – Armin A. Zadeh
Image Reconstruction, Post-Processing, and Artifacts – Jeannie Yu

Day 1, Part 2: 2021 Board Review

Radiation and Radiation Safety – Shuai Leng

Coronary Calcium and Aortic Valve Calcium: Methods, Diagnosis, and Prognosis – Khurram Nasir

Non-Cardiac Anatomy & Pathology: Aorta, Lungs, and Mediastinum – J. Jeffrey Carr

End-of-day Q&A Review Session – Armin A. Zadeh

Day 2, Part 1: 2021 Board Review

Coronary CTA I: Anatomy, Variations, and Anomalies – Michelle Williams

Coronary CTA II: Coronary Disease, Stents, and Grafts – Michelle Williams

Non-Coronary Cardiac I: Heart Structure, Masses – Christopher Maroules

Non-Coronary Cardiac II: Valves & Pericardium – Milind Desai

Day 2, Part 2: 2021 Board Review

Interventional Structural Heart Disease: TAVR, TMVR, and LAA Closure – James Lee

Functional Assessment of CAD – Kavitha Chinnaiyan

Congenital Heart Disease – Cristina Fuss

End-of-day Q&A Review Session – Cristina Fuss

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