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2023-2024 Basic and Clinical Science Course, Section 04: Ophthalmic Pathology and Intraocular Tumors

Publisher: AAO

Format : Original PDF + Video included (QR code)

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Section 4 the Academy’s Basic and Clinical Science Course™ (BCSC®) presents materials in two parts: Part One, Ophthalmic Pathology; and Part Two, Intraocular Tumors.

Part one uses a hierarchy that moves from general to specific to help derive a differential diagnosis for a specific issue.

Part two is a compilation of selected clinical aspects of importance to the general ophthalmologist – this section contains an extensive discussion on intraocular tumors.

Section 4 of the BCSC includes two interactive activities that identify the disease process and cell type, expanded content on specimen handling, updated photographs and illustrations throughout plus key takeaways highlighted at the beginning of each chapter.

Additionally, this section has a variety of images and videos (sample) that deepen your understanding. Both print and eBook users have access to the videos and activities.

Upon completion of Section 4, readers should be able to:

  • Use a hierarchical framework of topography, disease process and differential diagnosis to understand major ocular conditions
  • Summarize the steps for handling ocular specimens for pathologic study
  • Explain the basic principles of special procedures and diagnostic testing used in ophthalmic pathology
  • State the main histologic features of common ocular conditions
  • Identify those ophthalmic lesions that indicate systemic disease and are potentially life-threatening
  • Describe the methodologies used for intraocular tumor diagnosis; treatment modalities for ocular tumors; and important genetic information for families affected by retinoblastoma

Section chair: Nasreen A. Syed, MD
Last Major Revision: 2020-2021

Print: 488 pages