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AAN 2023 Annual Meeting – American Academy of Neurology


Thank you for joining us for the 75th AAN Annual Meeting in Boston and online
Release Date : 23 – 28 April 2023
Aging and Dementia
C8: Vascular Dementia
C31: Case Studies: Dementia
C46: Cognitive, Behavioral, and Disease-modifying Therapeutics in Dementia
C66: Frontotemporal Dementia
C73: Young Onset/Atypical Alzheimer’s Disease
C105: Mild Cognitive Impairment/Subjective Cognitive Impairment
C122: Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus
C134: Spanish: Dementia
C143: Rapidly Progressive Dementia
C159: Lewy Body Dementia
C194: Alzheimer’s Disease
C208: Behavioral Neurology
N1: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Predicting, Evaluating, and Modifying Risk of Delirium
S8: Behavioral and Cognitive Neurology
S15: Innovative Diagnostics in Dementia
S26: Experimental Therapeutics in Dementia
S39: Neurobiology of Dementia
Autoimmune Neurology
C9: Autoimmune Neurology: Paraneoplastic
C42: Stiff Person Syndrome Spectrum Disorder and Other Autoimmune Movement Disorders
C47: Clinical Pearls in Autoimmune Neurology: Real-world Cases
C95: Autoimmune Neurology: Peripheral Nervous System
C123: Autoimmune Neurology: Central Nervous System
C144: Epilepsy and Neuroimmunology
C185: Spanish: Neuroimmunology
C198: Neuro-rheumatology
S5: Autoimmune Neurology: NMOSD and MG, a Focus on Treatment Trials
S22: Autoimmune Neurology: Autoimmune Encephalitis and Other Antibody-associated Syndromes
S40: Autoimmune Neurology: Stiff Person Syndrome/GAD65 Neurological Autoimmunity, CIDP, and MOGAD
S50: Autoimmune Neurology: NMOSD
Cerebrovascular Disease
C20: Essentials of Acute Treatment and Prevention of Ischemic Stroke
C32: Case Studies: Challenging Acute Ischemic Stroke Cases
C45: The Landmark Carotid Stenosis Trials Are Obsolete
C85: PFO Closure and LAA Closure: The Difficult Questions
C90: Essentials of Diagnosis and Management of Hemorrhagic Stroke
C108: Endovascular Management of Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke
C118: Cutting-edge Concepts in Vascular Interventions and Rehab in Stroke
C132: Controversies in Stroke Treatment and Prevention
C139: Stroke in Pediatrics, the Young, and Special Populations
C184: Stroke Burden and Disparities in Low Resource Areas in the United States: Strategies and Solutions
C193: Basilar Artery Occlusion: What Is New Is Old Again
IS1: Invited Science: Multiple Sclerosis
S3: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology: Diagnosis, Prognosis, and Population Health
S20: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology: Clinical Trials and Outcomes Studies
S24: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology: Endovascular Thrombectomy and Large Vessel Occlusions
S36: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology: Basic and Translational Science
S45: Cerebrovascular Disease and Interventional Neurology: Meta-analyses and Outcomes Research
Child Neurology
C10: Child Neurology: Neuro-oncology
C24: Pediatric Headache
C33: Case Studies: Challenging Pediatric Cases
C61: Adolescent/Child Neurology for the Adult Neurologist
C106: Child Neurology: Metabolic Conditions and Genetics
C124: Child Neurology: Neuromuscular and Movement Disorders
C157: Introduction to Fetal Neurology Consultation
C199: Child Neurology: Autism, Behavioral, and Developmental Issues
S2: Child Neurology and Developmental Neurology 1
S34: Child Neurology and Developmental Neurology 2
Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG)
C3: EEG: Focal, Diffuse, and Epileptiform Abnormalities in Adults
C13: Acute Seizure Management
C28: Evolving Concepts in Psychiatry and Epilepsy: Acute and Chronic Management
C36: New Treatments in Pediatric Epilepsy Syndromes
C51: EEG: Neonatal and Pediatric
C62: EEG: Normal EEG, Normal Variants, and How to Avoid the Common Pitfall of Overreading
C91: Epilepsy: Basics and Considerations Across the Age Span: Pediatrics, Pregnancy, Elderly, and Special Populations
C109: Status Epilepticus Update
C114: Epilepsy Therapy Update
C128: Evaluation of Spells
C150: Epilepsy/Seizure Semiology
C179: Epilepsy: Surgery and Neuromodulation
C189: Video EEG: Basics and Monitoring
C204: Critical Care EEG Monitoring
S30: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG): Technology
S35: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG): Clinical Epilepsy
S44: Epilepsy/Clinical Neurophysiology (EEG): Epilepsy Outcomes
General Neurology
C1: Neuroimaging for the General Neurologist: Spine
C6: Neurology Continuing Certification Prep Course
C7: Neurology Update
C14: Drugs and Toxin-induced Neurologic Emergencies/CNS Toxicities
C21: Women’s Neurology: Primary Headaches During Lifespan
C26: Clinical Neurology for Advanced Practice Providers
C35: Case Studies: Test Your Knowledge: A Case-based Approach to Neuroimaging
C38: Neurologic Conditions in Transgender Patients
C41: United We Stand: Enhancing Your Practice with APPs
C54: Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy, Cervical Radiculopathy, and the Differential Diagnosis of Myelopathies
C56: Meeting the Moment: Mastering Difficult Conversations in Serious Neurologic Illness
C57: In the Digital Room Where It Happens: Leveraging Social Media for Your Career
C58: Hot Topics in Clinical Practice: Artificial Intelligence
C63: Myelopathies: Recognizing and Evaluating Myelopathic Patients for Inflammatory and Vascular Causes
C69: Neurologic Complications of Medical and Surgical Therapies
C72: Spanish: Neuroimaging
C87: Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Neurology
C88: Women in Neurology: Building Skills for Thriving in Your Career
C89: Case Studies in Integrative Neurology: New Approaches to Challenging Neurologic Conditions
C92: Continuum Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review 1
C107: Continuum Test Your Knowledge: A Multiple-choice Question Review 2
C131: Therapy in Neurology 1: Acute Stroke, Headache, and Alzheimer’s Disease
C140: Neuroimaging for the Neurologist: Stroke and Epilepsy Imaging
C147: Therapy in Neurology 2: Epilepsy, Infections, and Parkinson’s Disease
C160: Neurologic Case Studies in Pregnancy
C167: Functional Neurologic Disorders: Truths, Myths, and Misunderstandings
C173: Neurogenetics: Diagnostic Dilemmas and Therapeutic Implications
C186: Food for Thought: Nutrition and Neurologic Disease
C192: Mitochondrial Disorders
C202: Medical Neurology
ES1: Emerging Science 1
ES2: Emerging Science 2
PL1: Controversies in Neurology Plenary Session
PL2: Hot Topics Plenary Session
PL3: Presidential Plenary Session
PL4: Contemporary Clinical Issues Plenary Session
PL5: Clinical Trials Plenary Session
PL6: Frontiers in Neuroscience Plenary Session
PL7: Neurology Year in Review Plenary Session
S14: General Neurology: Emerging Therapies
S19: Neuroepidemiology
S49: General Neurology
Global Health
C99: The Global Burden of Neurologic Diseases
S1: Global Neurology
C29: Case Studies: Challenging Headache Cases
C44: Spanish: Headache
C48: Diagnosis and Current Management of Cluster Headache and Other Primary Headache Disorders
C70: Trigeminal Neuralgia: Mimics, Pharmacotherapy, and Surgical/Interventional Treatment
C96: New Therapies for Migraine and Other Headache Disorders
C125: Comprehensive Migraine Update: Advances in Acute, Preventive, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapies
C148: Hot Topics in Headaches and Related Disorders
C151: Low and High Pressure Headache: Clinical Presentation and Approach to Evaluation and Management
C190: Headache in the Emergency Department
C209: Headache in Special Populations
S41: Emergent Sciences and Top Headache Research
S47: Advances in Migraine Therapeutics
Health Care Disparities
C49: Health Equity for Neurologists
C71: Strategies for Addressing Health Care Disparities Using Value-based Methods
C80: Neurologic Disorders in LGBTQI Individuals
C165: Disparities in Care in Practice: The Current State and How to Advocate
S29: Health Care Disparities
C93: Perspectives on Disability in the History of Neurology
S18: History of Neurology
Infectious Disease
C2: Infections of the Nervous System 1
C11: Infections of the Nervous System 2
C22: Infections of the Nervous System 3: Parasites, Fungi, and Amoebas, Oh My: A Case-based Learning Approach to NeuroID
C37: Global Infectious Diseases
C82: Spanish: Infections in CNS
C97: Neurologic Complications of HIV
C119: Infection in Immunocompromised Populations
C141: Differential Diagnosis of Neurologic Infections
C158: Neurocysticercosis/Tuberculosis
C180: Emerging Neuroinfectious Disease
C195: Sequelae of COVID-19
C205: Diagnosed a Patient with a Neuroinfectious Disease: Now What?
S21: Acute and Post-Acute Sequelae of COVID-19
S25: Infectious Disease: Clinical Clues and Management
Movement Disorders
C4: Drug-induced Movement Disorders
C12: Movement Disorders: Huntington’s Disease
C40: Atypical Parkinsonism
C52: Movement Disorders: Phenomenology
C64: Diagnosis and Treatment of Functional Movement Disorders
C74: The Dystonias: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Update on Etiologies
C86: Dopaminergic Therapy for Motor Symptoms in Early Parkinson’s Disease
C98: Update in Movement Disorders: Parkinson’s Disease/Atypical Parkinsonism Syndromes
C104: Update in Movement Disorders: Essential Tremor/Ataxia/Hyperkinetic Movement Disorders
C116: Non-motor Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms
C161: Parkinson’s Disease: Assessment and Management
C174: Deep Brain Stimulation
C187: Autoimmune Movement Disorders
C200: Spinocerebellar and Spastic Ataxias: Diagnosis and Management
C207: Tics/Tourette’s and Paroxysmal Movement Disorders
C30: Case Studies: Unusual Movement Disorders
IS3: Invited Science: Movement Disorders
S32: Movement Disorders: Trials
S37: Movement Disorders: Phenotyping and Biomarkers
S42: Movement Disorders: Genetics and Risk Modifiers
S51: Movement Disorders: Tremor, Parkinsonism, and Non-motor Symptoms
MS and CNS Inflammatory Disease
C17: Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis in Diverse Populations
C23: Multiple Sclerosis Overview
C75: Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein Antibody Disorders (MOGAD)
C111: Multiple Sclerosis Disease-modifying Treatment
C120: MS Across the Lifespan/Pregnancy and Breastfeeding in MS
C149: Recognizing Complications of Immunomodulation in Neurology Patients
C166: Neuromyelitis Optica Spectrum Disorders
C175: Treatment of Pediatric Multiple Sclerosis in the Current Era
C201: Multiple Sclerosis in the Trenches
N2: Neuroscience in the Clinic: What Should a Neurologist Know About Pregnancy and Lactation?
S9: MS Biomarkers, Immunology, and Basic Science
S16: MS Clinical Trials and Therapeutics
S27: MS Neuroimaging
S31: MS Clinical Decision Making and Special Populations
S46: MS Therapeutics and Clinical Decision Making
Neuro Trauma/Critical Care
C78: Neurologic Intensive Care: Brain and Acute Spinal Cord Injury and Neuromuscular Disease
C121: Challenging Clinical Cases in Pediatric Neurocritical Care: Diagnosis, Management, and Prognostication
C153: Brain Death
C162: Neurologic Intensive Care: Vascular Disease
C183: Neurointensive Care: The Essentials
C188: Critical Care Consultations for Neurohospitalists
C203: Spanish: Neurocritical Care
N3: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Biomarkers for Outcome Prediction in Traumatic Brain Injury
S4: Neurocritical Care
S28: Neuro Trauma and Sports Neurology
C15: Evaluation and Management of Autonomic Disorders: Autonomic Testing, Failure, and Peripheral Neuropathies
C34: Case Studies: Diagnosis and Management of Unusual Cases in Neuromuscular Disease
C50: Clinical EMG 1: Principles and Practice of NCS and Needle EMG
C67: Clinical EMG 2: Case-based Clinical Applications of Nerve Conduction Studies and Needle Electromyography
C94: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease: Role of Antibodies, Muscle Imaging, and Genetic Testing
C126: Clinical Approach to Muscle Disease: Inflammatory Myopathies and Muscle Pathology
C152: Motor Neuron Disease
C170: Inherited Neuropathies Update
C176: Neuromuscular Junction Disorders: Myasthenia Gravis, Ocular, and MuSK Myasthenia
C191: Neurological Complications of Checkpoint Inhibitors
C196: Peripheral Neuropathy: Neuropathies Associated with Rheumatologic and Hematologic Disorders
C206: Peripheral Neuropathy: Anatomical Basis and Acquired Demyelinating Neuropathies
N4: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Bridging Genetics to the Clinic in Neuromuscular Disease
N6: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Myasthenia Gravis: From Pathogenesis to Targeted Therapies
S7: Outcome Measures and Observational Studies of Neuromuscular Diseases
S33: ALS and Motor Neuron Diseases
S43: Autonomic Disorders
S48: Therapeutics for Muscle Disease
C129: Core Principles of Brain Tumors
C142: Neuro-oncology: Navigating Current Trends
C163: Neurologic Complications of Novel Anti-neoplastic Therapies Including Immunotherapy
C182: Neurologic Consultations in Cancer Patients
IS2: Invited Science: Neuro-oncology
S17: Innovations in Neuro-oncology
C68: Hot Topics: Ophthalmic Imaging
C79: Higher Cortical Visual Disorders: Case-based Review
C115: Emergency Room Neuro-ophthalmology
C145: Neuro-otology
C155: Neuro-ophthalmology 1: Visual Loss, Optic Neuropathies, and Papilledema
C164: Neuro-ophthalmology 2: Optic Neuritis, Visual Fields, and Anisocoria
C178: Neuro-ophthalmology 3: Diplopia, Ocular Motility Disorders, and Nystagmus
S12: Neuro-ophthalmology/Neuro-otology
C76: Neuro-rehabilitation Update
C113: Rehabilitation in Neurology
C156: Cutting-edge Neuro-rehabilitation
S38: Neuro-rehabilitation
Pain and Palliative Care
C53: Maximizing Quality of Life in Stroke, ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, and Dementia: A
Palliative Approach
C65: Lumbar Radiculopathy, Lumbar Spinal Stenosis, Low Back Pain, and Failed Back Syndrome
C77: Core Concepts in Pain Management: Safe and Appropriate Opioid Prescribing in Neurology
C81: End of Life Care in the Hospitalized Patient: A Palliative Care Approach
C100: Pediatric Pain Management
S23: Pain
Practice, Policy, and Ethics
C16: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Neurologist: New Horizons
C27: Reduce Your Burnout and Improve Patient Outcomes
C43: Practice Makes Perfect: Guide to the Business of Private Practice Neurology
C84: Leveraging Axon for Research
C133: Coding Update: Turning Coding into Dollars and Sense
C169: Sticker Shock—Drug Pricing and Your Patients
S11: Practice, Policy, and Ethics
Research and Education
C5: Clerkship and Program Directors Conference
C18: Basic Science: Neuropharmacology
C59: Basic Science: Neuroanatomy—All the Lesions
C101: Basic Science: Neurophysiology
C117: Faculty Development: Enhancing Your Role in Student and Resident Training
C136: Basic Science: Neuropathology
C168: Why Is Change Management So Hard? Here Is What You Can Do About It
C177: Integrating Virtual Teaching in a New Era of Medical Education
S10: Utilizing Varied Modalities to Impact Learning and Make Curricular Changes
S13: Evaluating Diversity, Mitigating Bias, and Overcoming Challenges in Residency
C39: Clinical Approach to Sleep Disorders
C83: Wake Up to Daytime Sleepiness: New and Emerging Concepts in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypersomnia Disorders
C130: Parasomnias Including REM Behavior Disorder
C146: Sleep Apnea
C154: Circadian Rhythm Disorders
C197: Specialty Population Sleep Disorders
IS4: Invited Science: Sleep
N5: Neuroscience in the Clinic: Can Sleep Prevent or Improve Neurologic Diseases?
S6: Sleep Medicine Highlights
Sports Neurology
C112: Multimodality Monitoring
C127: Diagnosis and Management of Concussions
C181: Sports Neurology