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AceQbank MCCQE1 – Updated March 2023 – CDM (Clinical Decision Making) (PDF)


CDM consists of three interconnected phrases: diagnosis, severity assessment, and management. Your decisions can be evaluated at each critical stage of the diagnosis and management process. Ace Qbank CDM cases were written by experienced clinicians and include detailed explanations for each case to ensure that they reflect real-world events. Ace Qbank CDM cases, overall, provide intensive case-based learning.

Clinical scenario
Summary table

Benefits of Ace Qbank’s CDM
Ace Qbank provides over 140+ high-yield clinical cases that replicate all potential case scenarios that might also come in the CDM section.

An in-depth explanation for each CDM case
Reference for further study
Self-paced Online learning
Designed based on the MCC objectives

Clinical Decision Making
Ace Qbank CDM cases provide you with a better chance of preparing for the CDM components of the MCCQE1 exam; it is the best study tool for the MCCQE1 exam.
CDM (1+2) 144 clinical cases

High yield vignettes
CDM 2 full access
Activate anytime
Simple explanation
Step by step management
Up to date treatment