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APA 2022 Annual Meeting OnDemand (CME VIDEOS)


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Day 1 – Saturday, 21 May 2022
Addressing Mental Health Disparities Challenges and Innovative Opportunities
Advances in the Treatment of Mood Disorders Problems and Promises
Alcohol Use Disorder Hyperkatifeia, COVID-19, and Deaths of Despair
An Overview of Bipolar Mixed States and Managing Medication Side Effects in the Treatment of Mood Disorders
Clinical Update on Working Alongside People Experiencing Psychosis
COVID-19, Climate Change, and Politics, Oh My! Disaster Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health
Current Trends in Suicide Research and Prevention
Evaluation, Care, and Management of Adults With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Food for Mood The “S A D” Diet and the Social Determinants Affecting Mental Health
Frontotemporal Dementia The Interface of Neurology and Psychiatry
Medical Conditions Mimicking Psychiatric Disorders Versus Psychiatric Disorders Mimicking Medicine Conditions Diagnostic and Treatment Challenges
Neurobiology and Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Opening Keynote Session with Anton Gunn
Promoting Neuroplasticity to Treat Psychiatric Disorders and Addiction
Treatment Resistant Depression Current and Future Pathways (Not for CME)
Day 2 – Sunday, 22 May 2022
“Brain Fog” What Is It Really
Anxiety Disorders Treatment Current State and Future Promise
Bipolar Depression Outcome and Pharmacological Treatment
Buprenorphine Update and Evolving Standards of Care
Challenges to Evidence-Based Practice in American Indian and Indigenous Community Mental Health
Climate Psychiatry 101
Eliminating Health Disparities in the Treatment of Hispanics With Psychiatric Disorders
Ethical Issues in Treating LGBTQ Patients
Good Psychiatric Management for Adolescents With Borderline Personality Disorder
How Science Can Transform Treatments for OCD
International Medical Graduates and the Care of Older Adults With Mental Health Disorders in the United States
Internet Gaming Disorder From Harmless Fun to Dependence
Leveraging Large Neuroimaging Studies to Elucidate Socioeconomic Impacts on Neurocognitive Development
Military Support for the US Health System During COVID-19 A Framework to Enhance Workforce Well-Being and Sustainment in Future Disasters
Moving Practice to Measurement Based Care
NIDA Clinical Trial Network Research Updates and Future Directions in the Treatment of Methamphetamine Use Disorder
Parental Alienation and DSM-5 The Rubber Hits the Road
Psychedelics in Psychiatry Past, Present, and Pressing Issues
Psychedelics therapeutic mechanisms
Real World Solutions to Implementing and Sustaining the Collaborative Care Model
Roadmap to the Ideal Crisis System What Every Psychiatrist Needs to Know
Structural Racism Biospsyhosocial Consequences
Teaching Physician Advocacy to Advance Health Equity Advocacy Training in Residency and Fellowship Programs
The Ascendance of the Glutamatergic Synapse in the Pathophysiology of Schizophrenia
The Development of an Antidepressant Stepped Treatment Algorithm Application
The Shame of Suicide and Attempted Suicide in Physicians Four Physicians Who Are Speaking Out
They Have No Insight and Won’t Take Meds” Rethinking ‘Insight’ and ‘Engagement’ in Early Psychosis
Day 3 – Monday, 23 May 2022
A Systems Approach to Health Care Worker Burnout and Secondary Traumatic Stress
An Antiracist Approach to Teaching Social Determinants of Mental Health Curriculum for Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists
Assessing Psychic Pain and Proximal States of Mind Associated With Suicidal Thinking and Behavior
Beyond Cultural Competency Contemporary Psychiatry in a Raced Society
Bringing an Interdisciplinary Lens to the Social Determinants of Mental Health
Catatonia Contemporary Perspectives on a Classic Illness
Convocation of Distinguished Fellows feat The William C Menninger Memorial Lecture
Ethnopsychopharmacology of Clozapine
HIV A Model of Health Inequities
I Want to Choose When I Pass” Assessing Patients Who Are Considering Ending Their Lives
Leading, Creating and Working in Interdisciplinary Psychiatric Teams
Networking Skills for Future Career Advancement
Neurobiology of Inter-Relationship Between Sleep and Substance Use Disorders
New Frontiers Targeting Neural Circuit Function to Develop Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Treatment Strategies for Substance Use Disorders
Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Mentoring Trainees Underrepresented in Medicine to Ensure Success and Belonging
Psychodynamic Psychiatry Today The Law, Shame, Taking a Sexual History and Resilience During the Pandemic
Psychotherapy for Addiction in a COVID World Theory and Practice
Social Determinants of Mental Health Task Force Report
Social Determinants of Substance Use Disorders During COVID Time
Stopping the Revolving Door How Psychiatrists Can Reclaim Individuals With Mental Illness Stuck in the Criminal Justice System
The Neurobiology of Alcohol Use Disorder A Heuristic Framework for Diagnosis and Treatment
The Status of Laboratory Testing to Predict Antidepressant Response Problems and Promises
The Structural Determinants of Mental Health Clinical Care, Education and Research
The Theory of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD)
The Voices of Spirit and the Voices of Madness
Therapeutic Risk Management for Violence
Will Technology Transform Psychotherapy Promises and Perils of Digital Psychotherapies and Direct Current Brain Stimulation
Day 4 – Tuesday, 24 May 2022
Adapting Evaluation and Treatment of ADHD for High IQ Kids and Adults on the Autism Spectrum
Addressing the Physical Health Needs of Patients With SMI Emerging Roles for Psychiatrists
Advancing Health Equity Through Crisis Services Focus on Data and Quality
Alive and Thriving Supporting Physicians With Disabilities
Am I an Imposter the Imposter Syndrome A Myth or Reality
Apps and Innovations to Support the Practice of Psychiatry Current and Future Developments
Assessment and Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia
Clinical Update Borderline Personality Disorder Management
Data Science Tools to Predict, Prevent, and Treat Substance Use Disorders
Emergency Psychiatric Care for Transgender Patients Demographics, New Data, and Clinical Approaches
Enhancing Clinical Care and Collaboration With Aging Patients Geriatric Psychiatry and New Models of Care
Fostering Mentorship Among LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer) Aspiring Psychiatrists
Global Mental Health Its Meaning Has Changed
Manifestations, Assessment, and Diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder
Microaggressions in South Asian Americans Mental Health Consequences and Community Strategies
Mitigating Maternal Melancholy
Neuropsychiatric and Neurological Complications of COVID-19
Patient Suicide in Residency Training The Ripple Effect
Persons With Serious Mental Illness With Criminal System Involvement An Overview and Guide for Practitioners
Perspectives on the Understanding and Assessment of Imminent Suicide Risk
Pipe Dreams The Role of Sleep in the Etiology and Treatment of Substance Use Disorders
Race and Excellence The Continuation
Toward Precision Medicine in Psychiatry Using Pharmacogenomics
Understanding the Contribution of Stressful Life Events
Women’s Mental Health Care in 2022 Practice Tips and Resources for Advancing Quality and Reducing Risk
Day 5 – Wednesday, 25 May 2022
Common Sexual Concerns in Patients
Depression, COVID-19, and the Social Determinants of Health in Women From LatinxHispanic America
Deviant Sexual Behavior Among Persons With Intellectual Disability From Etiology to Management
Early-Stage Investigators and Timely Support The OPAL Center and Its Mission to Fund and Train the Next Generation of Schizophrenia Researchers
Eating Disorders A Clinical Update
Equity Through Better Diagnostic Reasoning Reducing Cognitive Biases in Clinical Practice
From Rage to Recovery Management of Violence Risk in the Patient with Borderline Personality Disorder
How Psychiatrists Can Talk With Patients and Their Families About Race and Racism Theory and Practice Through Simulation
IYKYK (If You Know, You Know) Working With Generation Z in Colleges and Universities
Managing Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) During COVID 19 Pandemic
Methamphetamine Use Disorder and Treatment Updates in the Context of COVID-19 and the Opioid Epidemic
Multi-Sector Partnerships to Meet the 988 Calling
Nonpharmacological Interventions for Individuals With Co-Occurring IDD and Mental Illness
Practical Sleep Medicine for Psychiatrists
Psychiatric Approaches Involved in the Treatment of Traumatized Refugees
Spiritual, Self-Transcendent and “Anomalous” Experiences Evidence and Implications for Clinical Practice and for the Understanding of Mind
Technique in Action Utilizing Established Models to Navigate Racial Violence in Mental Health Settings
That Doesn’t Belong There! Intentional Self-Injury by Foreign Body Ingestion and Insertion
The Importance of Cultural Psychiatry With Children, Adolescents, and Families
The Psychedelic Revolution in Psychiatry
When Pain Is Not Just in the Brain A Biopsychosocialcultural Approach to Chronic Pain and Comorbid Psychiatric Illness
Day 6 – Wednesday, 08 June 2022
CBT for Suicidal Behavior
Ethics Dilemmas in Psychiatric Practice
Improving Pharmacologic Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (BPSD) An Algorithm for Real-World Care
Is this bud for you The science of medical cannabis
Survivors of War, Terrorism, and Genocide in Africa – Recovery through Breath-Centered Mind-Body Practices
Termination of Pregnancy, Ethics, and Decisional Capacity
Update of Approaches to Address Anxiety Disorders
Women Physicians, Burnout, COVID-19 Pandemic, Mental Health What we learned and preventative strategies