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ARRS 2023 The Suprahyoid Neck: Pathology Through Anatomy


This course explains the important anatomy of subunits of the suprahyoid neck and then reviews the important cross-sectional anatomy and pathology findings that are critical for the head and neck radiologist to understand each region. Participants will enhance their performance through a greater understanding of the important anatomy and common pathologies that happen in these regions, and the critical checkpoints for accurate interpretation of head and neck imaging studies of the suprahyoid neck.

Learning Outcomes and Modules
After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

Review important anatomy and pathology of the Suprahyoid Neck.
Discuss the important cross-sectional anatomy and pathology that are critical for understanding each region.

Speakers and Lectures

Global Imaging Anatomy of The Cervical Soft Tissues—Richard Wiggins
Parotid Space—Blair Winegar
Masticator Space—Remy Lobo
Carotid Space and Parapharyngeal Space—Kalen Riley
Retropharyngeal Space and Perivertebral Space—Laura Eisenmenger
Pediatric Head and Neck Lesions—Elizabeth Ryals

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