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ARRS American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting Program On Demand 2022


+ Include: 501 videos, size: 28.1 GB
+ Include: 501 videos, size: 28.1 GB
+ Target Audience: radiologist
+ Sample video: contact me for sample video
+ Topics:
AJR Year in Review P.Gupta.mp4
AJR Year in Review S Galgano.mp4
AP01. ARRS and Berlin Scholar Presentations.mp4
ERS01.1_V- Brandt-Feasibility and Diagnostic Performance of a New CCTA-derived and AI-based Fully Automated System for Detection of Coronary Artery Disease.mp4
ERS01.2_Z- Sadiq-CXR Findings in COVID-19.mp4
ERS01.3_E- Meram-Is It Worth It-.mp4
ERS01.4_J- Warner-Abdominal and Pelvic MRI Protocol Prediction using Natural Language Processing.mp4
ERS01.5_E- Beheshtian-Is AI Fair-.mp4
ERS02.1_M- Parker-Emerging Research session – Part 2.mp4
ERS02.2_B- Bagga-Comparison of Quality And Lesion Detection of Deep Learning-based T2-weighted Reconstruction To Clinical T2-weighted Images on Prostate MRI.mp4
ERS02.3_K- Ramakrishnan-Change in Signal Intensity of White Matter as an Aid in Assessment of Response of NPH to Ventriculoperitoneal Shunting.mp4
ERS02.4_D- Bass-Methylene Blue Photodynamic Therapy for Deep Tissue Abscess Strerilization.mp4
ERS02.5_Emerging Research Session – Awards.mp4
FC01.1_A- Rosenkrantz-AJR- Inner Workings.mp4
FC01.2_J- Dillman-Writing an AJR Original Research Study.mp4
FC01.3_F- Miller-Writing an AJR Review or Clinical Perspective Article.mp4
FC01.4_S- Kang-Writing an AJR Evidence Synthesis Article.mp4
FC02. Nontraumatic Emergencies-An Update.mp4
FC03.1_M- Parker-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.2_T- Klause-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.3_B- Bagga-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.4_K- Song-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.5_R- Shah-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.6_J- Kusmirek-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.7_L- Azour-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.8_L- Rezai -Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC03.9_S- Bhalla-Challenging Cases in Thoracic Imaging.mp4
FC04.1_R- Munden-Professional Society Participation by Private and Academic Practice Radiologists.mp4
FC04.2_K- Schoppe-Personal and Practice Finance- The Essentials.mp4
FC04.3_C- Everett-Relationships- A Key to Success.mp4
FC04.4_A- Patel-Building Your Practice and Personal Brand.mp4
FC04.5_P- Bunch-Panel Discussion.mp4
FC05.1_R- Huang-Imaging Diagnosis of CNS Tumors in the Context of the New 2021 WHO Classification.mp4
FC05.2_C- Utrilla-Radiomics in Brain Tumors.mp4
FC05.3_C- Torres-Imaging of Brain Metastases.mp4
FC05.4_V- Suarez-Imaging Evaluation of Tumor Response.mp4
FC05.5_M- Ho-Pediatric Tumors and Mimics.mp4
FC05.6_J- Muchart-Imaging Support for Neurosurgical Procedures in Pediatrics- Insights on Intraoperative MRI and New Imaging-Guided Treatments.mp4
FC06.1_D- Chonde-ARRS Diversity- Equity- – Inclusion Session Introduction.mp4
FC06.2_C- DeBenedectis-Mitigating Bias in Recruiting and Hiring.mp4
FC06.3_C- Ho-Moving From Bystander to Upstander.mp4
FC06.4_J- Guerrero-Calderon-Disability- An Important Dimension of Diversity.mp4
FC06.5_A. Jay_Microaggressions in the Workplace.mp4
FC06.6_F- Khosa-Academic Promotion- Networking- Mentorship- and Sponsorship.mp4
FC06.7_G- Guzman Perez-Carrillo-How to Support Our LGBTQ Colleagues.mp4
FC06.8_N- Kagetsu-Welcome- Moderated Q-A.mp4
FC07.1_K- Fowler-Psychology in the workplace.mp4
FC07.2_V- Chernyak-Mastering Email Communication.mp4
FC07.3_E- Hecht-Is It Me or Is It Them- Understanding Team Dynamics.mp4
FC07.4_S- Wang-Dealing With Imposter Syndrome.mp4
FC07.5_A- Fung-Promoting a Team Inclusive Environment.mp4
FC08.1_J- Heit-Ischemic Core Imaging- To Treat or Not to Treat.mp4
FC08.2_A- Kuner-Perfusion Imaging- Technique and Pitfalls.mp4
FC08.3_A- Chatterjee-Thrombectomy Imaging Algorithms.mp4
FC08.4_A- Vagal-Is the Radiologist Needed in the Era of AI-.mp4
FC09.1_G- Avey-Can-t Smell a Thing- Approach to Evaluation of Anosmia.mp4
FC09.2_R- Lobo-As Far as the Eye Can See-A Primer on Visual Loss.mp4
FC09.3_H- Kelly-Pins and Needles- Evaluation of CNV Dysfunction.mp4
FC09.4_M- Hagiwara-Review of CNVII Anatomy and Pathologies.mp4
FC09.5_M- Agarwal-Role of Imaging in the Workup of Hearing Loss.mp4
FC09.6_B- Hamilton-My Voice Sounds Gruff- Imaging of Hoarseness.mp4
FC10.1_M- Parker-Lines- Tubes- and Monitoring Devices.mp4
FC10.2_B- Zalta-Pulmonary Edema- Shock- and Transfusion-Related Complications.mp4
FC10.3_A- Rubinowitz-Nosocomial Pulmonary Infections- Aspiration- and Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome.mp4
FC10.4_C- White-Pulmonary Embolism and Post-Cardiac Arrest Imaging.mp4
FC10.5_T- Bang-Circulatory Assist Devices in the ICU.mp4
FC11.1_L- Rezai-Pleural Diseases and Barotrauma.mp4
FC11.2_A- Smith-Cholecystitis- Colitis -C-Diff– and Shock Bowel.mp4
FC11.3_M- Jhaveri-Delirium- Seizure- and Brain Death.mp4
FC11.4_E- Stein-Encephalopathy and ICU-Acquired Weakness -Neuropathy and Myopathy-.mp4
FC11.5_V- Lakticova-Ultrasound in the ICU.mp4
FC12.1_J- Ko-Adult Chest-Pulmonary Disorders.mp4
FC12.2_P- Pickhardt-Adult Gastrointestinal Disorders.mp4
FC12.3_M- Murphey-Adult Musculoskeletal Disorders.mp4
FC12.4_E- Lee-Pediatric Disorders.mp4
FC13.1_L- Eisenmenger-Anatomic and Functional Imaging of Epilepsy.mp4
FC13.2_G- Choudhary-SPECT-PET Workup of Epilepsy.mp4
FC13.3_L- Eisenmenger-Anatomic Imaging of Dementia.mp4
FC13.4_P- Kuo-PET Workup of Dementia.mp4
FC14.1_M- Chalian-Automation in Evaluation of Arthritides.mp4
FC14.2_J- Fritz-AI for Fast and Super-Resolution Musculoskeletal MRI.mp4
FC14.3_K- Magudia-The Value of Fully Automated CT-Based Body Composition as a Biomarker.mp4
FC14.4_P- Yi-Potential Pitfalls-Biases in MSK AI Research and Applications.mp4
FC14.5_O- Ashikyan-Current State of AI in Automatic Fracture Detection.mp4
FC15.1_C- Glastonbury-The Arc of Academics- Early-Career- Mid-Career- and Senior Faculty Roles.mp4
FC15.2_H- Bedi-Mid-Career Radiology- The Field Is Your Oyster.mp4
FC15.3_C- Chung-How to Move to Being the Mentor and Senior Author.mp4
FC15.4_T- Kennedy-Now What– Planning Your Transition to Leadership Roles.mp4
FC15.5_J- Kruskal-Negotiating With Your Chair.mp4
IC101.1_P- Pickhardt-Challenging Abdominal Unknown Cases- Part 1.mp4
IC101.2_C- Menias-Challenging Abdominal Unknown Cases- Part 2.mp4
IC102.1_E- Conant-Abbreviated Breast MR- The Why – How of Implementation.mp4
IC102.2_L- Moy-Interpreting – Auditing AB-MRI-Maximizing Specificity.mp4
IC103.1_D- Flemming-Key Features of Peripheral Arthropathy.mp4
IC103.2_C- Chang-Sacroiliitis and Mimickers.mp4
IC103.3_A- Merkle-Inflammatory Arthropathy of the Spine.mp4
IC104.1_E- Monroe-The Armamentarium of IVUS-ICE.mp4
IC104.2_D- Shin-IVUS-ICE for Portal Interventions.mp4
IC104.3_J- Chick-IVUS-ICE for Venous and Perivascular Interventions.mp4
IC104.4_M- Watts-IVUS-ICE for Peripheral Arterial Disease.mp4
IC105.1_C- Sliker-Temporal Bone Trauma.mp4
IC105.2_M- Bernstein-Cervical Spine Injuries.mp4
IC105.3_S- Steenburg-Imaging of Aortic Trauma.mp4
IC105.4_K- Archer-Arroyo-Diaphragmatic Injuries.mp4
IC106.1_K- Kalisz-MR of Ischemic Heart Disease.mp4
IC106.2_K- Cummings-The Hypertrophied Ventricle.mp4
IC106.3_K- Hanneman-Myocardial Mapping- What To Do and Say.mp4
IC106.4_B- Sundaram-The Infiltrated Ventricle.mp4
IC107.1_M- McDonald-Critical Neuroanatomy of the Sinuses.mp4
IC107.2_N- Koontz-Critical Neuroanatomy of the Neck.mp4
IC107.3_T- Kennedy-Critical Neuroanatomy of the Temporal Bone.mp4
IC108.1_S- Smith-Evaluation of Atypical Marrow.mp4
IC108.2_M- Bucknor-Sclerosing Bone Dysplasias.mp4
IC108.3_C- Gaskin-Imaging in Metabolic Bone Disease.mp4
IC109_Radiology Malpractice-R- Duszak-Radiology Malpractice- The Truth- The Whole Truth- and Nothing but the Truth.mp4
IC110.1_F- Munera-Bowel and Mesentery Trauma.mp4
IC110.2_M- Bernstein-Abdominal Trauma Imaging.mp4
IC110.3_M- Kumaravel-Pelvic and Acetabular Trauma.mp4
IC111.1_D- Yoo-Introduction and Importance of Theranostics.mp4
IC111.2_K- Zukotynski-Neuroendocrine Cancer PET-CT and Theranostics.mp4
IC111.3_T- Wong-Prostate Cancer PET-CT and Theranostics.mp4
IC112.1_M- Sugi-Uterus Anomalies- Fertility and Ectopic Pregnancy.mp4
IC112.2_R- Nicola-US of the Uterus and Cervix- Tumors and Mimics.mp4
IC112.3_P- Jha-Adnexal Masses and O-RADS Classification- How I Do It.mp4
IC113.1_M- Lubner-Imaging of Pancreatitis.mp4
IC113.2_M- Woods-Managing Nonvascular Complications of Pancreatitis.mp4
IC113.3_M- Kleedehn-Managing Vascular Complications of Pancreatitis.mp4
IC114.1_J- Johnson-Six Sigma and Lean.mp4
IC114.2_M- Davis-Predicting System Performance.mp4
IC114.3_M- Bruno-Clinical Decision Support- Enhancing Appropriateness.mp4
IC115.1_S- Yoon-Improving Screening Mammography Workflow.mp4
IC115.2_R- Wahab-Screening with DBT- Interesting and Challenging Cases.mp4
IC115.3_J- Parikh-Breast Imaging Audit.mp4
IC116.1_S- Agarwal-Introduction- Septal Lines and Crazy Paving.mp4
IC116.2_N- Parkar-Micronodular Lung Disease.mp4
IC116.3_B- Little-Cystic Lung Disease.mp4
IC116.4_E- Nguyen-Mosaic Lung Attenuation.mp4
IC117.1_D- Kim-CT Colonography Interpretation and Pitfalls.mp4
IC117.2_P- Liu-Esophageal Fluoroscopy in 2022.mp4
IC117.3_A- Mileto-DECT of the Bowel.mp4
IC117.4_M- Lubner-CT of Acute Colitis.mp4
IC118.1_K- Reddy-Ossification Centers.mp4
IC118.2_J- Gadde-Myelination Matters.mp4
IC118.3_I- Neuberger-Macrocephaly.mp4
IC118.4_K- Moeller-Head and Neck.mp4
IC201.1_L- Ladd-Chest Wall Pathology for the MSK Radiologist.mp4
IC201.2_D- Gimarc-Imaging of the Temporomandibular Joint.mp4
IC201.3_A- Zoga-Muscle Injuries of the Abdomen and Pelvis.mp4
IC202.1_R- Iyer-Ultrasound of Slow Flow Vascular Malformations.mp4
IC202.2_J- Kissane-MRI of Slow Flow Vascular Malformations.mp4
IC202.3_C- Ingraham-Slow Flow Malformation Sclerotherapy and Embolization 2.mp4
IC202.3_C- Ingraham-Slow Flow Malformation Sclerotherapy and Embolization.mp4
IC202.4_S- Thompson-MR-Guided Cryoablation and Laser Ablation 2.mp4
IC202.4_S- Thompson-MR-Guided Cryoablation and Laser Ablation.mp4
IC203.1_J- Gruden-Diagnosis of UIP on CT – ATS-Fleischner.mp4
IC203.2_S- Rossi-Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis.mp4
IC203.3_S- Hobbs-Pneumoconiosis.mp4
IC203.4_M- Parker-Smoking-Related Diseases.mp4
IC204.1_M- Shroff-Neonatal Brain MRI.mp4
IC204.2_T- Huisman-Pediatric Spine Disorders.mp4
IC204.3_M- Ho-Pediatric Neck Masses.mp4
IC205.1_W- Morrison-Meniscal Pathology.mp4
IC205.2_S- Gyftopoulos-Posterolateral Corner and Collaterals.mp4
IC205.3_H- Garner-Plica- Fatpads and Other Commonly Missed Pathology.mp4
IC206.1_D- Dyer-Lung Cancer Screening- 2021 Update.mp4
IC206.2_M- Ginsberg-Assessing Response to Current Systemic Therapies.mp4
IC206.3_J- Erasmus-Imaging after Radiation Therapy.mp4
IC206.4_J- Ahuja-Imaging after Lung Cancer Surgery.mp4
IC207.1_A- Sayah-Acute and Chronic Brain Trauma.mp4
IC207.2_K- Baugnon-Acute and Chronic Head and Neck Trauma.mp4
IC207.3_S- Palasis-Complications of Non-accidental Trauma.mp4
IC208.1_O- Molchanova-Cook-PET-CT for Infection-Inflammation and the Future.mp4
IC208.2_S- Elman-Not So Common Uses of PET-CT in Infection-Inflammation 2.mp4
IC208.2_S- Elman-Not So Common Uses of PET-CT in Infection-Inflammation.mp4
IC209.1_J- Jacobson-Ultrasound Evaluation of the Elbow.mp4
IC209.2_A- Ross-US Evaluation of the Hand and Wrist.mp4
IC209.3_W- Walter-US Evaluation of the Ankle and Foot.mp4
IC210.1_J- Phillips-Contrast Enhanced Mammography.mp4
IC210.2_D- Plecha-Localizations Beyond the Wire.mp4
IC210.3_R- Ward-Breast Cryoablation.mp4
IC211.1_M- Flusberg-Rocking GYN Oncology Tumor Board.mp4
IC211.2_V- Paroder-Fertility-sparing Procedures and Cancers in Pregnancy.mp4
IC211.3_L- Tsai-Imaging of Lymphedema.mp4
IC212.1_K- Kallianos-Imaging the Preprocedural Left Atrium.mp4
IC212.2_J- Lichtenberger-Imaging Evaluation of Prosthetic Valves.mp4
IC212.3_C- Fuss-CT Imaging Pre-and Post TAVR.mp4
IC212.4_F- Dako-LVAD and Other Cardiac Devices.mp4
IC213.1_M- Zulfiqar-Splenic Emergencies.mp4
IC213.2_V- Mellnick-Small Bowel Wall Abnormalities in the ED.mp4
IC213.3_J- Uyeda-Acute Biliary Imaging.mp4
IC213.4_D- Katz-Pitfalls in Acute Gastrointestinal Imaging.mp4
IC214.1_J- Jacobs-Coronary CTA- The New CAD-RADS.mp4
IC214.2_S- Patel-Coronary Arteries- Beyond Atherosclerosis.mp4
IC214.3_J- Jeudy-Imaging the Postoperative Thoracic Aorta.mp4
IC214.4_S- Malik-MR Angiography of the Chest- How I Do It.mp4
IC215.1_G- Morrell-Prostate MR- PIRADS and Procedure Planning.mp4
IC215.2_R- Paspulati-MR Ingantry Biopsy of Prostate.mp4
IC215.3_S- Verma-Prostate Ablation- Focal Therapy.mp4
IC215.4_A- Eifler-Prostate Artery Embolization.mp4
IC216.1_M- Bruno-Strategies to -Close the Loop- on Incidental Findings.mp4
IC216.2_N- Kadom-Teaching Quality and Safety in Radiology.mp4
IC216.3_P- Cronin-Evidence-based Radiology in Quality and Safety.mp4
IC216.4_R- Gunderman-Quality and Ethics.mp4
IC301.1_R- Gunderman-The Limits of Metrics in Quality Assessment.mp4
IC301.2_R- Gunderman-Learning from Failure.mp4
IC302.1_B- Elicker-Imaging and Diagnosis of Acute COVID-19.mp4
IC302.2_C- Wu-Imaging COVID-19 in the Immunosuppressed.mp4
IC302.3_L- Azour-Thromboembolic Disease in COVID-19 Infection.mp4
IC302.4_J- Ko-Imaging of Chronic COVID-19.mp4
IC303.1_C- Canon-Overview of the New Remote Exam Models.mp4
IC303.2_V- Mathews-Update on Online Longitudinal Assessment.mp4
IC303.3_B- Wagner-Why is Continuing Certification Important in 2022-.mp4
IC304.1_M- Anderson-MR of Sports Injuries- Shoulder.mp4
IC304.2_T- Gorbachova-MR of Sports Injuries- Elbow.mp4
IC304.3_M- Mills-MR of Sports Injuries- Hand and Wrist.mp4
IC305.1_S- Bhatt-Gynecological Emergencies.mp4
IC305.2_M- Revzin-Ultrasound of Non-appendiceal Abdominal Emergencies.mp4
IC305.3_M- Itani-Vascular Emergencies.mp4
IC305.4_V- Dogra-Male Genitalia Emergencies.mp4
IC306.1_C- Raptis-Evaluation of the Anterior Mediastinum.mp4
IC306.2_T- Tao-Special Considerations in Pediatric Thoracic Masses.mp4
IC306.3_D- Naeger-PET-CT and Thoracic Masses.mp4
IC307.1_D- Fetzer-Liver Lesions- Li-RADS Classification- and CEUS.mp4
IC307.2_A- Shenoy-Bhangle-Gallbladder and Biliary Pathologies.mp4
IC307.3_G- Fananapazir-Pathologies of the Kidneys- Ureters- and Bladder.mp4
IC307.4_M- Revzin-Ultrasound of Retroperitoneal Pathologies.mp4
IC308.1_J- Chazen-Imaging of Cervical Spine Degeneration.mp4
IC308.2_A- Kuner-Spinal Intervention for Degeneration.mp4
IC308.3_E- Middlebrooks-Degenerative Conditions of the Brain.mp4
IC309.1_N- Tan-Imaging of Prostate Cancer- What Modality and When.mp4
IC309.2_J- Uyeda-Application of Dual Energy CT in Genitourinary Imaging.mp4
IC309.3_D- Fetzer-CEUS Application in GU Imaging.mp4
IC310.1_L- Haramati-Cardiac Neoplasms.mp4
IC310.2_J- Stojanovska -2015 Figley Fellow–CT and MR Imaging Evaluation of Cardiac Thrombus.mp4
IC310.3_S- Malik-Pericardial Masses and Other Pericardial Diseases.mp4
IC310.4_D- Jeong-Cardiac Complications in Patients with Cancer.mp4
IC311.1_K- Johnson-Improving Patient Experience During Breast Biopsies.mp4
IC311.2_R- Weinfurtner-US-guided – Stereotactic Biopsies- Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
IC311.3_L- Wang-MRI-guided Biopsies- Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
IC312.1_C- Menias-Lessons Learned- Genitourinary Cases.mp4
IC312.2_M- Kobi-Lessons Learned- Genitourinary Cases.mp4
IC312.3_A- Shenoy-Bhangle-Complications of Imaging-guided GU Interventions.mp4
IC313.1_A- Grayev-Incidental Findings- Spine Imaging.mp4
IC313.2_M- Mullins-Incidental Findings- Brain Imaging.mp4
IC313.3_P- Bunch-Incidental Findings- Sinus and Temporal Bone Imaging.mp4
IC313.4_R- Wiggins-Incidental Findings- Neck Imaging.mp4
IC314.1_M- Murphey-Benign Soft Tissue Lesions by Tumor Type.mp4
IC314.2_S- Broski-Soft Tissue Sarcomas- Pearls and Pitfalls.mp4
IC314.3_B- Amini-Soft Tissue Tumors- Post Treatment Evaluation.mp4
IC401.1_C- Chung-Five Pitfalls in Shoulder Imaging.mp4
IC401.2_D- Blankenbaker-Five Pitfalls in Hip Imaging.mp4
IC401.3_E- Walker-Five Pitfalls in Spine Imaging.mp4
IC402.1_D- Morgan-Dual Energy CT of the Pancreas.mp4
IC402.2_E- Paulson-Pancreatic Cystic Lesions.mp4
IC402.3_P- Bhosale-Staging of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma.mp4
IC403.1_A- Sekhar-Imaging of Female and Male Urethra.mp4
IC403.2_K- Patel-Imaging of Transgender Patients.mp4
IC403.3_R- Marks-Imaging of Conditions Affecting Fertility.mp4
IC404.1_C- Torres-Brachial Plexus- Imaging Approach.mp4
IC404.2_L- Ledbetter-Postoperative Neck- Imaging Approach.mp4
IC404.3_V- Shah-Lumbosacral Plexus- Imaging Approach.mp4
IC404.4_W- O-Brien-Imaging Approach- Congenital Temporal Bone.mp4
IC405.1_V- Chernyak-A Practical Approach to LI-RADS.mp4
IC405.2_T- Fraum-Diffuse Hepatic Conditions.mp4
IC405.3_K- Fowler-Malignant Liver Lesions- Beyond HCC.mp4
IC406.1_E- Akin-PET-CT in Response to Therapy.mp4
IC406.2_R- Zeman-Multimodality Nuclear Imaging in Cardiac Disease.mp4
IC406.3_E- Rohren-Nuclear Medicine Protocols- Reporting and Challenges.mp4
IC407.1_E- Lee-Congenital Lung Malformations.mp4
IC407.2_N- Hull-Neonatal and Pediatric Bowel Obstruction.mp4
IC408.1_K- Elsayes-Pearls and Pitfalls in Diagnosis of Renal Pathologies.mp4
IC408.2_S- Silverman-Renal Mass Biopsy- When and Why in 2022.mp4
IC408.3_M- Mendiratta-Lala-Imaging-guided Interventions of GU Track.mp4
IC409.1_C- Deurdulian-Doppler US Analysis of Carotid Waveforms.mp4
IC409.2_J- Pellerito-Peripheral Vascular Doppler and Complications of COVID.mp4
IC409.3_M- Lockhart-Doppler of Hemodialysis Access.mp4
IC409.4_G- Joshi-Renal Transplant Ultrasound.mp4
IC410.1_R- Shah-Interpreting the Lateral Chest Radiograph.mp4
IC410.2_D- Raptis-A Primer for Cardiac Devices.mp4
IC410.3_S- Bhalla-Focal Lung Disease Interpretation.mp4
IC410.4_G- Abbott-Errors in Chest Radiograph Interpretation.mp4
IC411.1_R- Restrepo-Pediatric Fractures.mp4
IC411.2_L- Naffaa-Pediatric HIp Disorders.mp4
IC411.3_A- Chaturvedi-Pediatric Musculoskeletal Infections.mp4
IC412.1_H- Marshall-Imaging Evaluation of the Male Breast.mp4
IC412.2_S- Pittman-Imaging Evaluation of the Pregnant – Lactating Patient.mp4
IC412.3_K- Dodelzon-Imaging Evaluation of the Symptomatic Patient.mp4
Opening Ceremonies and Member Business Meeting Member Business Meeting.mp4
Opening Ceremonies and Member Business Meeting Opening Ceremonies.mp4
RS01.1_J- Fried-Leadership for the Young Radiologist.mp4
RS01.2_A- Norbash-Interview Skills for the Young Radiologist.mp4
RS01.3_N- Sztuk-Achieving and Sustaining Work-Life Balance.mp4
RS01.4_A- Khanna-What I Wish I Knew When Applying to Fellowships.mp4
RS02_Resident Symposium- Part 2- Fellowship Directors Panel.mp4
RT01.1_H- Chou-Didactic- Non-interpretive Clinical Skills.mp4
RT01.2_H- Chou-Rapid Fire Case Review- Non-Vascular Cases.mp4
RT01.3_D- Abdollahian-Rapid Fire Review- Venous Cases.mp4
RT01.4_E- Aaltonen-Rapid Case Review- Arterial Cases.mp4
RT01.5_T- Niesen-Didactic- Renal Ablation.mp4
RT02.1_P- Bhambhvani-Didactic- Radioiodine Treatment in Hyperthyroidism Part 1.mp4
RT02.2_R- Lim-Rapid Fire Case Review- Peds- MSK- Physics- Regulatory and Radiation Safety.mp4
RT02.3_C- Shah-Rapid Fire Case Review- Endocrine- GI- and GU.mp4
RT02.4_W- Rieter-Rapid Fire Case Review- PET Oncology.mp4
RT02.5_P- Bhambhvani-Didactic- Radioiodine Treatment in Hyperthyroidism – Part 2.mp4
RT03.1_D- Wolfman-Didactic- Renal Masses.mp4
RT03.2_B- Wildman-Tobriner-Rapid Fire Case Review- Renal Masses.mp4
RT03.3_A- Mariano-Rapid Fire Case Review- Ureters- Bladder and Penile.mp4
RT03.4_A- Kielar-Rapid Fire Case Review- Gynecologic Abnormalities.mp4
RT03.5_D- Wolfman-Didactic- Pelvic Floor Lesions.mp4
RT04.1_E- Soloff-Didactic- Review of Cystic Pancreatic Lesions.mp4
RT04.2_M- Yano-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pancreatitis and its Complications.mp4
RT04.3_S- Wang-Rapid Fire Case Review- Postoperative Biliary Complications.mp4
RT04.4_J- Revels-Rapid Fire Case Review- Gastrointestinal Volvuli and Hernias.mp4
RT04.5_S- Wang-Didactic- GI Bleed Imaging.mp4
RT05.1_D- Saul-Didactic- Langerhans cell histiocytosis spectrum of imaging findings.mp4
RT05.2_R- Nikam-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Neuroradiology.mp4
RT05.3_D- Rosenbaum-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Musculoskeletal Imaging.mp4
RT05.4_D- Saul-Rapid Fire Case Review- Pediatric Reproductive Tract.mp4
RT05.5_A- Khwaja-Didactic- Pediatric GI-GU.mp4
RT06.1_M- Price-Didactic- Lines and Strips on Chest Radiograph with CT Correlation.mp4
RT06.2_D- Naeger-Rapid Fire Case Review- Typical and Atypical Appearances of Lung Cancer.mp4
RT06.3_G- Shroff-Rapid Fire Case Review- Postoperative Complications in the Thorax.mp4
RT06.4_M- Martin-Rapid Fire Case Review- Diffuse Lung Disease.mp4
RT06.5_M- Price-Didactic- Mediastinal Masses.mp4
RT07.1_K- Hanneman-Didactic- Imaging Myocardial Inflammation and Myocarditis.mp4
RT07.2_D- Raptis-Rapid Fire Case Review- Congenital Heart Disease Basics.mp4
RT07.3_K- Hanneman-Didactic- Aortic Arch Anomalies.mp4
RT07.4_L- Jimenez Juan-Rapid Fire Case Review- Tumors and Mimics.mp4
RT08.1_A- Grayev-Didactic- Spine Anatomy and Localization.mp4
RT08.2_A- Grayev-Rapid Fire Case Review- Spine.mp4
RT08.3_H- Bedi-Rapid Fire Case Review- Head and Neck.mp4
RT08.4_J- Nickerson-Rapid Fire Case Review- Brain.mp4
RT08.5_T- Kennedy-Didactic- Brain Anatomy and Localization.mp4
RT09. Radiology Review – Musculoskeletal.mp4
RT10.1_H- Ojeda-Fournier-Didactic- Update on Abbreviated MRI.mp4
RT10.2_J- Kunjummen-Rapid Fire Case Review- Differential Diagnosis of Axillary Masses.mp4
RT10.3_H- Ojeda-Fournie-Rapid Fire Cases-MRI.mp4
RT10.4_B- Adrada-Rapid Fire Case Review- Multimodality Approach to the Nipple Areolar Complex.mp4
RT10.5_H- Ojeda-Fournier-Didactic- Calcifications at DBT.mp4
RT11.1_D- Oppenheimer-Didactic- Parathyroid Sonography.mp4
RT11.2_H- Bello-Rapid Fire Case Review- Liver and Renal Transplant Complications.mp4
RT11.3_D- Oppenheimer-Rapid Fire Case Review- Right Upper Quadrant -RUQ- Emergencies.mp4
RT11.4_M- Melany-Rapid Fire Case Review- Female Pelvis Emergencies.mp4
RT11.5_C- Deurdulian-Didactic- Scrotal Ultrasound- Pearls for Diagnosis.mp4
SRS_History of Radiology-E- Bluth-125 Years of Change- The History of New Orleans Radiology and Its Practitioners.mp4
SS01.1_C- LeBedis-Blunt Splenic Trauma.mp4
SS01.2_N- Tau-EMRI in Pregnant Patients with Suspected Appendicitis.mp4
SS01.3_M- Wait-Multi-Institution Consensus Paper for Acquisition of Portable Chest Radiographs Through Glass Barriers.mp4
SS01.4_S- Decker-Forensic Imaging in the Emergent Setting.mp4
SS02.1_M- Parker-Introduction.mp4
SS02.2_J- Eng-Statistical Pitfalls.mp4
SS02.3_Y- Ng-AI Basics for New Investigators.mp4
SS02.4_J- Rayan-Research Opportunities in AI.mp4
SS02.5_M- Ohliger-Tips for Getting Your First Grant.mp4
SS03.1_J- Kempf-Pearls and Pitfalls on Fluciclovine Imaging.mp4
SS03.2_R- Anderson-Assessment of Inter-lesion Heterogeneity in Radiomic-profiles of Metastatic Sites in Prostate and Ovarian Cancers.mp4
SS03.3_A- Agarwal-4D SPECT-CT- A Hybrid Approach to Hyperparathyroidism.mp4
SS03.4_M- Bansal- FDG-PET-CT Cancellation in Patients with Diabetes.mp4
SS03.5_H- Lee-Change in Metabolic Tumor Volume After Prior Systemic Therapy Predicts CAR T-cell Therapy Outcomes for Aggressive B-cell Lymphomas.mp4
SS03.6_P- Kuo-Theranostics With a Focus on Prostate Cancer.mp4
SS04.1_K- Klein-Recommendations for Imaging the Post Operative Breast.mp4
SS04.2_A- Bragg-Screening Chest Wall Ultrasound in the Mastectomy Patient.mp4
SS04.3_H- Chung-Clinical Utility of Diagnostic Chest Wall Ultrasound in the Mastectomy Patient.mp4
SS04.4_K- Hashiba-Ipsalateral Recurrence Following Breast-Conserving Surgery for Ductal Carcinoma in Situ.mp4
SS04.5_A- Davenport-Patient vs Technologist Controlled Mammography Compression using Standard Equipment.mp4
SS04.6_B- Paolini-Imaging and Pathological Features of Genetic Breast Cancer.mp4
SS04.7_D- Ataya-Radiomics of DCIS.mp4
SS05.1_R- Valenzuela-Advanced Bone and Soft-Tissue Tumor Imaging.mp4
SS05.2_R- Shrestha-Pubic Cartilaginous Cysts.mp4
SS05.3_E- Abadi-Dual-energy vs Photon-counting CT in Characterizing Multiple Myeloma.mp4
SS05.4_S- Savioli-Imaging Features of Epitheliod Sarcoma with Pathologic Correlation.mp4
SS05.5_M- Murphey-Imaging of Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans with Pathologic Correlation-.mp4
SS05.6_A- Gupta-Osseous Tumor Reporting and Data System.mp4
SS05.7_M- Murphey-Comparison of the AJCC and MSTS Systems- Important Radiologic Features.mp4
SS06.1_S- Pruthi-Revisiting Germinal Matrix Hemorrhage- Recognition of Posterior Location and Diagnostics Pitfalls.mp4
SS06.2_C- Calixto-Normal Microstructural Development of the Fetal Cortex and Deep Gray Matter Portrayed by DTI.mp4
SS06.3_E- Florez-Advanced AI Classification Medthods Can Select The Most Accurate and Timely Modality to Diagnose Appendicitis in Children.mp4
SS06.4_R- Ayyala-Impact of COVID-19 on Imaging of Common Pediatric Emergencies.mp4
SS07.1_M- Melany-TIRADS- Benefits and Challenges.mp4
SS07.2_L- Haug-Thyroid Nodule Margins in ACR TIRADS.mp4
SS07.3_M- Bara-Effect of Training on Resident Inter-Reader Agreement with ACR and TIRADS.mp4
SS07.4_R- Nicola-Simplifying the O-RADS- Why and When.mp4
SS08.1_E- Middlebrooks-Epilepsy.mp4
SS08.2_A- Asturias-Regional FA Values and Loss of Consciousness in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.mp4
SS08.3_V- Gorolay-MRI Detection of Suspected Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma.mp4
SS08.4_T- Knoblauch-Association Between Cortical Lobar Volumetrics and Clinical Outcomes in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury.mp4
SS08.5_S- Jindal-Baseline Prevalence of Amyloid-Related Imaging Abnormalities in Early Alzheimer Disease.mp4
SS09.1_C- Moreno-Use of Screening CT Colonography by Age and Race.mp4
SS09.2_S- Mukherjee-Impact of Simulated Marginal Erosions of Volumetric Segmentation of PDA on the Robustness of Radionomics Features.mp4
SS09.3_D- Wright-Radiomics-Based Machine Learning for Detection of Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus on Standard-of-Care Abdomen CT.mp4
SS09.4_F- Bezuidenhout-Incidentally Detected Pancreatic Duct Dilation on Ultrasound.mp4
SS09.5_M- Kocher-Dual Energy and Oral Contrast.mp4
SS09.6_M- Mercer-Comparing DECT Iodine Overlay and Virtual Non-Contrast Reconstructions to Conventional CT in Evaluation for Active Gastrointestinal Bleeding.mp4
SS09.7_R- Ngitewe-Variable Size of Metastatic Liver Lesions on Dual Contrast MRI.mp4
SS09.8_O- Brook-Improvement of Patient Care with RAD-PATH Correlation of Image Guided Biopsies.mp4
SS10.1_P- Shah-Body Composition Analysis on Chest CT- Untapped Potential.mp4
SS10.2_K- Rodriguez-ILD Patterns in Patients with ANCA Associated Vasculitis.mp4
SS10.3_L- Haramati-Don-t Take it Lying Down.mp4
SS10.4_R- Liubauskas-ET Tube – Advance- Retreat- or Hold-.mp4
SS10.5_S- Steinberger-Clinical Correlation.mp4
SS10.6_L- Fitzpatrick-Artifical Intelligense Enhances Time Efficiency in Reading Chest CT Scans.mp4
SS10.7_C- Lin-A Thoracic Radiologist-s Perspective on Data Science.mp4
SS11.1_D- Davis-Multimodal Anatomic Imaging of Muscle Quality at the Rotator Cuff.mp4
SS11.2_S- Hajian-Sarcopenia and Body Fat Chnage as Risk Factors for Radiological Incisional Hernia Following Robotic Nephrectomy.mp4
SS11.3_B- Mogharrabi-Prospective Pre-operative 3-Tesla MR Neurography.mp4
SS11.4_SG- Pickhardt-Comparing CT-based Manual Muscle Attenuation Measures Against a Fully Automated Deep Learning Tool for Sarcopenic Myosteatosis.mp4
SS11.5_J- Fritz-MR Neurography Anatomy of the Lumbosacral Plexus- 11 Nerves in 10 Minutes.mp4
SS12.1_Y- Anzai-Topics in Resident and Medical Student Education – 1.mp4
SS12.2_A- Jordan-The Impact of Virtual Radiology Education in Medical School.mp4
SS12.3_G- Wang-Incidental Radiology Findings.mp4
SS12.4_C- Li–Trending.mp4
SS12.5_S- Grewal-Introducing Medical and Pre-Medical Students to Radiology.mp4
SS12.6_D- Pierce-Students in the Driver-s Seat.mp4
SS12.7_M- Velez-Florez-Hands-on Ultrasound Traning For Radiology Residents.mp4
SS12.8_S- Islam-A Short Curriculum to Introduce the ACR Appropriateness Criteria and Increase Appropriate Imaging Selection Among Medical Students.mp4
SS12.9_V- Lenge De Rosen-Student and Resident Education.mp4
SS13.1_V- Chernyak-Pathologic- Molecular and Prognostic Radiologic Features of HCC.mp4
SS13.2_M- Shaghaghi-Role of Radiomic Tumor Features from MRI in Non-Invasive Hepatocellular Carcinoma Grading.mp4
SS13.3_M- Kocher-Differentiating Mucinous Cystic Neoplasms of the Liver and Benign Hepatic Cysts Using Machind Learning.mp4
SS13.4_D- Jin-Machine Learning System to Fully Automate Detecting Hepatocellulare Carcinoma with Liver Imaging Reporting and Data System -LI-RADS-.mp4
SS13.5_A- Kambadakone-Response Assessment in HCC.mp4
SS14.1_D- Ganeshan-Current Update on Adrenal Masses- A Primer for Radiologists.mp4
SS14.2_T- McGrath-Evaluation of Class II Cystic Renal Masses Proposed in Bosniak Classification Version 2019.mp4
SS14.3_E- Margono-Iodine Density Threshold to Discriminate Between Enhancing and Non-Enhancing Renal Lesions with Dual-Layer Dual-Energy CT.mp4
SS14.4_L- Aronson-Segmentation of Kidneys and Lesions on Non-Contrast CT Imaging using a Convolutional Neural Network.mp4
SS14.5_T- McGrath-Direct Comparison of Diagnostic Accuracy of Dual-Energy CT and MRI for Detection of Enhancement in Renal Masses.mp4
SS14.6_F- Al Hajri- Holistic Multo-Parametric MRI Scoring System-Based Approach in Differentiating Adrenal Adenoma from Other Adrenal Lesions.mp4
SS14.7_S- Yoo-Comparison of Primary Tumor and Metastatic Lesion Response to Targeted Systemic Therapy in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma.mp4
SS14.8_N- Schieda-Radiomics and Machine Learning in GU Imaging- What Should a Radiologist Know-.mp4
SS15.1_J- Chick-Advances in Venous Thrombectomy and Reconstruction.mp4
SS15.2_L- Nissim-Interventional Radiology Physician Burnout.mp4
SS15.3_M- Cox-An Interpretable Machine Learning Model for Prediction of 30-Day Amputation Events Following Lower Extremity Endovascular Procedurs.mp4
SS15.4_T- Tuifua-Single-Center Clinical Outcomes and Risk Factor Assessment for Hepatic Infarction After TIPS Placement.mp4
SS15.5_S- Woods-Impact of Image-Guided Bone Biopsies on Antibiotic Management of Osteomyelitis in Adults.mp4
SS15.6_A- Memon-DECT Angiography May Significantly Lower Contrast Dose for Patients at Risk for Contrast-Induced Nephropathy Compared to SECT Angiography.mp4
SS15.7_C- MacLeod-Risk of Adverse Events Associated with Intra-Arterial Administration of Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents.mp4
SS15.8_M- Lim-Portal Interventions.mp4
SS16.1_M- Bahl-Management of Architectural Distortions in Tomosynthesis Era.mp4
SS16.2_R- Butler-Radial Scar Management.mp4
SS16.3_L- Wang-Single Versus Multiple Areas of Architectural Distortion.mp4
SS16.4_M- Philip-Multiple Areas of Architectural Distortion.mp4
SS16.5_Z- Acevedo-Breast Cancer Imaging Surveillance and 5-Year Recurrence Outcomes Between a Safety-Net and a Tertiary Care Hospital.mp4
SS16.6_B- Paolini-Racial Disparities of Screening-Detected One-View Asymmetries via 2D Digital Mammography versus Tomosynthesis.mp4
SS16.7_J- Parikh-Patient Diversity in Breast Imaging.mp4
SS17.1_S- Hedgire-Hot Topics in Cardiac Imaging.mp4
SS17.2_N- Felice-Optimization of CT Reconstruction Algorithms for Precise Cardiac CT Quantifications through Virtual Imaging Trials.mp4
SS17.3_R- Savage-Pre-Procedural CCTA-based Left and Right Ventricular Longitudinal Strain Provides Superior Prediction of Mortaility Compared to Ejection Fraction in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.mp4
SS17.4_G- Aquino-Pre-Procedural CTA-Based Left Atrial Function Predicts Mortality in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement.mp4
SS17.5_D- Tridente-Coronary CT Angiography.mp4
SS17.6_N- Harfouch-Using the Abdominal Aorta Calcium Score to Predict Coronary Artery Disease.mp4
SS17.7_L- Rezai-Cardiac Trauma.mp4
SS18.1_E- Remer-Changing Uses of Imagin in the GU Tract.mp4
SS18.2_O- Melnyk-Performance of a Highly Accurate Prostate Cancer Algorithm on MR Image Data from a Different Institution.mp4
SS18.3_R- Anderson-Correclation Between CTC Counts and Radiomic Metrics from Multiple Osseous Metastatic Lesions in Metastatic Prostate Cancer.mp4
SS18.4_Z- Li-Performance of Non-Gaussian Diffusion Models in mpMRI Differentiation of Peripheral Zone Prostate Cancer Grade.mp4
SS18.5_X- Liu-Correlation of Incomplete Opacification on CT Urography with Ureteral Abnormalities During Retrograde Pyelogram.mp4
SS18.6_M- Kong-Radiomics with Novel Hybrid Machine-Deep Learning.mp4
SS18.7_Z- Sekkal-Reliability of Twinkle Artifact in Detecting Renal Calculi.mp4
SS18.8_S- Verma-Focal Therapy Treatments for Prostate Cancer- What the Radiologist Needs to Know.mp4
SS19.1_M- Taffel-Tools for Improving Patient Experience and Clinical Case for Non-English Speakers.mp4
SS19.2_O- Shafaat-Computed Tomography Image Measures of Body Composition in Liver Transplant Recipients.mp4
SS19.3_M- Lee-Comparing Thin and Thick Section CT Image Data for Fully Automated Artificial Intelligence Based Body Composition Algorithms.mp4
SS19.4_H- Choi-High-Yield Doppler Ultrasound Features For Diagnosing Hepatic Artery Complications in Transplanted Livers- A Single-Institution Experience.mp4
SS19.5_T- Fraum-Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Augment Meaningful Peer Review- Missed Liver Lesions on Computed Tomography Pulmonary Angiography.mp4
SS19.6_T- Tuifua-Macroscopic Visceral Adipose Tissue and Visceral Adipose Quotient Change Early After TIPS Placement.mp4
SS19.7_J- Jin-Achieving Clinical-Level Machine Learning System for Segmenting Organs on CT Scans.mp4
SS19.8_A- Narayan-Building a Diversity- Equity and Inclusion Committee for Patient Care and Research.mp4
SS20.1_A- Chhabra-3D Imaging of ACL and Meniscus Injuries.mp4
SS20.2_A- Dehbozorgi-Correlation of Quantitative Measurements of Meniscal Extrusion on Knee Radiographs with Meniscal Extrusion on MRI.mp4
SS20.3_B- Mogharrabi-Tenosynovitis of Wrist.mp4
SS20.4_B- Mogharrabi-Validated Radiographic Measurements for Hip Dysplasia Can be Used During 3-D CT Evaluation of Pre-Surgical Planning.mp4
SS20.5_P-M- Jonsson-Comparing Intraoperative X-Ray Imaging Systems in a Hybrid Operating Room.mp4
SS20.6_M- Mechlin-Dilemma of the Transitional Spine Anatomy- How to Describe It-.mp4
SS21. Breast – Biopsy, Intervention, Emerging Technologies.mp4
SS22.1_M- Mossa-Basha-The Benefits of Applications of Intracranial Vessel Wall Imaging in Clinical Practice.mp4
SS22.2_A- Amer-Dynamic Contrast Enhancement Processing Comparison for Determining True Progression from Pseudoprogression in High Grade Glioma.mp4
SS22.3_M- Sien-Portable Low-Field MRI- Scanning Experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.mp4
SS22.4_M- Povlow- Reaching Further With CT- Findings of Traumatic Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Injuries on CT.mp4
SS22.5_M- Brown-Cerebral Venography- Venous Sinus Manometry- and Lumbar Puncture in Patients with Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension -Pseudotumor Cerebri-.mp4
SS22.6_J- Chazen-Spine- Do Not Miss These Lesions.mp4
SS23.1_S- Pipavath-COVID-19 Lung Disease- Through Adversity to the Stars.mp4
SS23.2_S- Fadl-COVID Pneumonia.mp4
SS23.3_K- Shaqdan-Incidence of Barotrauma in COVID-19 Hospitilized Patients.mp4
SS23.4_K- Kleinrichert-Prognostic Value of Lung Perfusion Blood Volume in Acute Pulmonary Embolism.mp4
SS23.5_J- Elifritz-High NPV of Postmortem Pulmonary Computed Tomography Findings in a Medical Examiner-s Office During the SARS-COV-2 Pandemic.mp4
SS23.6_C- Meyer-Delayed Diagnosis During COVID Pandemic.mp4
SS24.1_C- De Cecco-AI and Radiomics in Cardiac Imaging.mp4
SS24.2_C- Marshall-AI Triage of Pneumothorax on Chest Radiographs.mp4
SS24.3_A- Tejani-Extraction Actionable Findings from Unstructured Reports Using an Advanced Natural Language Processing Model.mp4
SS24.4_G- Mittl-Designing Pre-Exam Patient Educational Instructions for Pelvic Ultrasounds at a Large Academic Medical Center.mp4
SS24.5_D- Dickman-Second Generation Radiology-Specific Patient Safety Event Reporting System in a Multisite Academic Institution.mp4
SS24.6_S- Johnson-Imaging Support Services.mp4
SS24.7_B- Barnacle-Billable Indications of Radiology Exams.mp4
SS24.8_A- Pyrros-AI- Value-Based Healthcare and Quality.mp4
SS25.1_R- Tomihama-Nonsurgical Treatment of Osteoarthritis.mp4
SS25.2_K- Kuo-Thrombocytopenia and Risk of Complications in Image-Guided Posterior Iliac Crest Bone Marrow Aspirate and Biopsies.mp4
SS25.3_A- Srinivasan-Etiology and Characterization of Thoracic Duct Obstruction in Patients with Lymphatic Flow Disorders.mp4
SS25.4_Z- Khazi-Technical Factors Associated with Failure of Internal Jugular Vein Access Ports.mp4
SS25.5_C- Mansour-Efficacy of Percutaneous Drainage Following Ventral Hernia Repair with Synthetic Mesh vs- Cutis Autograft.mp4
SS25.6_H- Khudari-Safety and Effectiveness of Transhepatic Access for Percutaneous Renal Mass Cryoablation- A Multicenter Cohort.mp4
SS25.7_S- Young-Moving Radioembolization Forward- All Paths Lead to Dosimetry.mp4