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ARRS Breakthroughs in Nuclear Medicine for Neurology and Oncology 2021 (CME VIDEOS)


With the completion of several large clinical trials in nuclear medicine leading to significant breakthroughs for both dementia and cancer patients, this Online Course highlights PET imaging of proteinopathies for neurodegenerative disease, amyloid PET for dementia, FES-PET for breast cancer, as well as updates to treatments such as PRRT and Radium-223.
Learning Outcomes and Lectures
After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

Explain the impact of PET imaging on the diagnosis and understanding of dementia.
Discuss the benefits of novel imaging agents for oncology.
Describe the landscape of therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals.
Describe the role of nuclear medicine in theranostics.

Speakers and Lectures

Breakthroughs in PET for Neurodegenerative Diseases—P. Kuo
Breakthroughs in PET for Oncologic Imaging—K. Zukotynski
Breakthroughs in Radiotherapeutics and Theranostics—D. Yoo