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ARRS Oncologic Imaging: From Diagnosis to Cure 2016 (CME VIDEOS)


This Online Course covers the breadth and depth of the field of oncologic imaging in a wide range of subspecialties. You will learn to deal with patients who have suspected or confirmed cancer, state-of-the-art oncologic imaging techniques, diagnosis and staging of major cancer, best practices for interventional procedures, and much more. In addition to online lectures, you will also receive the accompanying book—shipped to you at no additional cost.
Learning Outcomes and Modules
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

diagnose and stage important cancers
give a differential diagnosis, when necessary, and suggest the best management strategy
apply practice-based strategies for optimizing patient outcomes
describe systems barriers to improving diagnoses and patient outcomesarticulate differential diagnoses and suggest the best management strategy.

Module 1 — Chest Imaging

Designing Lung Cancer Screening Programs—Florian J. Fintelmann, MD
Lung Cancer Staging—Brett W. Carter, MD
Posttreatment Imaging of Lung Cancer Patient—Jane P. Ko, MD
Lung Biopsy—Amita Sharma, MD
Review of application of Lung-RADS to Cases—Carol C. Wu, MD

Module 2 — Gastrointestinal Imaging

Masses in Noncirrhotic Liver—Erik K. Paulson, MD
Li-RADS Reporting Requirements—Claude B. Sirlin, MD
Imaging Reports for Pancreatic Cancer—Eric P. Tamm, MD
CT Colongraphy Basics and Pitfalls—David H. Kim, MD
Imaging of Rectal Carcinoma—Seng Thipphavong, MD

Module 3 — Musculoskeletal Imaging

Differential Diagnoses for Osseous Tumors—Laura W. Bancroft, MD
MRI of Bone Marrow Disorders—Laura Marie Fayad, MD
Musculoskeletal Tumor Staging—Mark D. Murphey, MD
Posttreatment MRI of Soft Tissue Tumors—David M. Panicek, MD
Tips and Tricks for Biopsying a Lesion—Jeffrey J. Peterson, MD

Module 4 — Gynecology

Uterine Cancer Staging—Darcy Wolfman, MD
Approach to Management of Adnexal Masses—Deborah A. Baumgarten, MD, MPH
Tumor Spread and Treatment Planning in Epithelial Ovarian Cancer—Susanna I. Lee, MD
Radiation Therapy Planning of Gynecologic Malignancies—Katherine E. Maturen, MD
FDG/PET and PET/MRI in Gynecologic Malignancy—Shetal N. Shah, MD

Module 5 — Neuroradiolgoy

Imaging of Brain Tumor—Carlos H. Torres, MD
High-Grade Glial Neoplasms—Katie D. Vo, MD
Imaging of Spinal Tumors—Meng Law, MD, MBBS
Head and Neck Cancer—Tabassum A. Kennedy, MD
Imaging Mimics of Brain Tumors—Girish M. Fatterpekar, MBBS, DMRD, DNB

Module 6 — Pediatric Imaging

Advances in Neuroblastoma—Marguerite T. Parisi, MD
Imaging Brain Tumors—Dennis W. Shaw, MD
Top Five Abdominal Tumors in Young Children—Janet R. Reid, MD
Whole Body DWI Versus PET-CT—Jesse Courtier, MD
Pediatric Oncologic Imaging—Jamie Lynn Coleman, MD

Module 7 — Genitourinary Imaging

Controversies in Renal Cell Carcinoma—John R. Leyendecker, MD
Approaches to Renal Cell Carcinoma Treatment—Erick M. Remer, MD
Upper and Lower Tract Urothelial and Other Malignancies—Paul Nikolaidis, MD
Multiparametric Prostate MRI—Rajan T. Gupta, MD
Prostate Imaging—Sadhna Verma, MD

Module 8 — Breast Imaging

Breast Cancer Screening—Jessica W.T. Leung, MD
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis—Mai Elezaby, MD
Ductal Carcinoma in Situ—Habib Rahbar, MD
Supplemental Screening of Dense Breasts—Janice S. Sung, MD
Imaging the Posttreatment Breast—Catherine Appleton, MD

Module 9 — General Radiology

Pitfalls in FDG PET-CT of Cancer—Don C. Yoo, MD
Abdominopelvic Complications of Non-operative Oncologic Therapy —Perry J. Pickhardt, MD
 Current Standards to Assess Solid Tumor Response to Therapy —Vahid Yaghmai, MD
Functional MRI to Assess Tumor Response to Therapy—Hersh Chandarana, MD
CT Techniques for Tumor Assessment—Meghan G. Lubner, MD

Module 10 — Vascular and/or Interventional Radiology

Percutaneous Biopsy—Sailendra G. Naidu, MD
Image-Guided Oncologic Ablation—Bill S. Majdalany, MD
Current Intra-Arterial Liver Cancer Therapies—Muneeb Ahmed, MD
Imaging After Locoregional Liver Therapy—Ania Kielar, MD
Complications of Interventional Oncology—Matthew G. Gipson, MD