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ASE 34th Annual State-of-the-Art Echocardiography 2022


ASE is pleased to present State-of-the-Art Echocardiography 2022 On-Demand, a new learning opportunity in conjunction with the 34th Annual State-of-the-Art Echocardiography in-person course. State-of-the-Art Echocardiography 2022 On-Demand* will include all recorded content (excluding pre-conference Learning Lab) from the in-person course and offer CME credits. A separate registration fee will be required for State-of-the-Art Echocardiography 2022 On-Demand. Unlimited access to the content will be available from March 7, 2022 through June 5, 2022.
State of Art Christensen Normal and Abnormal Left Ventricular
State of Art Faza Degenerated Bio Prosthesis
State of Art Faza MitraClip Measurements It Worked and It Did Not Work
State of Art Hung Cardio Oncology
State of Art Jain Complications of Myocardial Infarction
State of Art Jain Masses in the Right Heart
State of Art Jain What Should a Successful TAVR
State of Art Khandheria Prosthetic Valve Endocarditis
State of Art Lang Aortic Regurgitation.mkv
State of art Lester Guidelines based assesment of Diastolic Function
State of Art Lester Pathologies of Mitral Valve
State of Art Lester When It Does Not Fit
State of Art Lester Where Strain Falls Apart Strain Imaging
State of Art Little Measuring Normal Function
State of Art Little Tricuspid Valve Repair
State of Art Mackensen Examples of TAVR
State of Art Mankad Basic Myocardial Strain Imaging.mkv
State of Art Mankad Clinical Examples of Utility in Strain Imaging
State of Art Mankad Pathologies of Tricuspid Valve RECORDING
State of Art Masses in the Left Heart Final
State of art Oh Amyloid and Constriction
State of Art Oh Cases Variants of HCM
State of Art Oh Learn Clinical Diastology
State of Art Read Diasotology
State of Art Read Valves
State of Art Read with the Experts 3D
State of Art Read with the Experts Quantitation of Chamber
State of Art Saric Cases to Illustrate Aortic Stenosis
State of Art Saric Left Atrial Appendage
State of Art Saric Measurements for TMVR
State of Art Saric Valvular
State of Art Saturday300QA
State of art Stainback Stress Cardiomyopathy
State of Art Umland Case Example
State of Art Warmsbecker Quantitation of Chambers.mkv
State of Art Yamat Echocardiography of right ventricle 2D 3D Echo
State of Art Zoghbi Mitral Regurgitation 1
State of Art Zoghbi Stress Echo is Still Alive
State of Art Angulo Abnormal Prosthetic Valve Mitral
State of Art Hung Pulmonary Hypertension
State of Art Lang Evaluation of Right Ventricle.mkv
State of Art Lester Abnormal Prosthetic Valve in Aortic Position
State of Art Lester Right Ventricular Strain
State of Art Saric Atrial Septal Defect
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