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ASE Scientific Sessions 2020

53 video lectures



01 ASE President’s Address and State of ASE
02 Artificial Intelligence and What It Means to You
03 Stronger Together_On the Horizon
04 50 Shades of Grey (Scale) in Peri-Procedural Imaging
05 Chalk Talk – Doppler and Pulmonary Hypertension
06 Simulated Heart Valve Team Cases Discussion – Mitral
07 Renaissance in Cardiac Imaging to Assist Cardiac Interventions (ASE _ EACVI Joint Session)
08 COVID-19 – Realizing the Value of Enhanced Echo
09 Active Echocardiography- Advances in Ultrasound Therapeutics
10 Educator Summit- Contrast and Competency – ASE 2020 Virtual Experience – August 8 – 10, 2020
11 Episode of Care 1- Coronary Disease – ASE 2020 Virtual Experience – August 8 – 10, 2020
12 Quality and Value Summit
13 ASE Happy Hour and Karaoke Contest
14 COPE Council (Council on Perioperative Echo) Networking
15 Sonographer Council Networking
16 Pediatric & Congenital Heart Disease Council Networking
17 Circulation and Vascular Council Networking
18 Fetal Symposium- Current and Upcoming Strategies in Management of Fetal Cardiac Disease
19 Edler Lecture
20 Echo and COVID
21 Episode of Care 2- Mitral Valve Disease
22 Challenging Cases- Fetus to Adults with Congenital Heart Disease
23 Cardio-oncology in the Real World (Joint ASE_EACVI Session)
24 Arthur E. Weyman Young Investigator’s Award Competition and 21st Annual Feigenbaum Lecture
25 Application of Data Analytics in Lab Operations
26 Chalk Talk – Valve Disease and Strain
27 Imaging Solutions to Clinical Conundrums in Congenital Heart Disease
28 Echo Technology at the Cutting Edge of Knowledge
29 Echo in Acute MI- From Diagnosis to Therapy
30 Episode of Care 3- Cardiomyopathy – MCS
31 Multimodality Imaging from Fetus to Young Adults
32 Inflammatory Cardiovascular Diseases (ASE_JSE Joint Session)
33 HFpEF- Everything You Need to Know…and More
34 Ask the Luminaries Networking
35 Women in Echo Networking
36 Emerging Echo Enthusiasts (E3) and Early Career Networking
37 Research Networking
38 Cardiac Function Assessment and Outcomes
39 Multimodality Right Ventricle
40 Simulated Heart Valve Team Cases Discussion – Tricuspid
41 Stress Echo- Beyond the Borders
42 Circulation – A Cross Section
43 Right Heart Valve Disease- Tricuspid Regurgitation and PR
44 Update on Infiltrative Cardiomyopathies
45 Value Summit- A Business Primer for the Echo Community
46 Innovation in POCUS- A Case-based Approach
47 Special Session- Echo in Women
48 The Right Stuff!
49 Value Summit- Practical Approaches for Achieving Value in Echocardiography
50 Dual Perspectives- Early Career
51 Emerging Concepts & Novel Techniques
52 The Brian Haluska Sonographer Research Award Competition
53 This Just Ain’t Right – Right Sided Valve and Ventricular Interventions

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