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ASN Board Review Course & Update BRCU 2023 (Videos)


Board Review Course & Update (BRCU) is designed to help you prepare for the ABIM Nephrology Board certification and recertification exams. This year’s live course in Chicago, IL will help you stay engaged with clinical discussions, relevant physiology and pathophysiology information, and essential updates.
Each BRCU topic section is patterned after the ABIM nephrology blueprint. This year, a combination of on-demand lectures, case discussions, interactive games, ask-the-professor sessions, and small group sessions reinforce key knowledge in nephrology. Relevant physiology and pathophysiology blend with clinical discussions to keep participants engaged and provide essential updates and preparation. In early July, learners will receive complimentary access to all on-demand lectures to jump start your preparation for the in-person course. BRCU focuses on the following topics:

Acid-Base and Potassium Disorders
AKI and ICU Nephrology
Assessment of Kidney Function and Structure
Calcium, Phosphorus, and Magnesium Disorders and Stones

Glomerular and Vascular Disorders
Kidney Transplantation
Sodium and Water Abnormalities
Tubular, Interstitial, and Cystic Disorders