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Assessment and Effective Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders 2021


Enhance Your Approach to Substance Use Disorders with Online CME
In addition to an emphasis on alcohol use disorder — especially the underlying neurobiology and medication intervention — this online CME course explores opioid use disorder, medication treatment options and how best to use them, and at-risk subpopulations. Assessment and Effective Treatment of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Disorders is psychiatry continuing medical education that takes an in-depth look at:

Nonmedication treatment options, including behavioral strategies and pharmacological interventions
The role of psychotherapy, referral to AA, and SMART Recovery
Helping family members of patients with substance use disorders
Techniques to deal with the unmotivated patient’s denial, ambivalence, and reluctance to change, demonstrating how to motivate, persuade and confront effectively
Assessment and treatment of patients with co-occurring disorders such as trauma

All lectures by Mark Albanese, MD
Introduction and Assessment: Focus on Multidimensional Assessment of Patients with Substance Use Disorder
Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: Focus on Medications, Part 1
Treatment of Substance Use Disorders: Medications, Part 2, and Non-Medication Approaches
Co-Occurring Disorders: Implications, Assessment, and Treatment
Opioid Use Disorder: Assessment, Treatment, and Special Considerations

Details : 5 Videos , 2 PDF