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Audio Companion for SESAP® 17 (2020) (Full Audios + PDF)


Hosted by John A. Weigelt, MD, DVM, MMA
Explore practical approaches and solutions to common general surgery challenges with this dynamic audio “how-to” covering all 13 SESAP® 17 categories.

Effective Learn-by-Listening Resource
Join host and SESAP Program Director John A. Wiegelt, MD, DVM, MMA, as he leads sharply focused discussions of urgent clinical issues in each of the 13 key SESAP categories. Interviewees are SESAP authors, so you are assured of the definitive word from authoritative sources. Discussion areas — chosen for timeliness, clinical significance and educational value — include:

Alimentary Tract
Endocrine/Head & Neck
Perioperative Care
Problems in Related Specialties
Skin/Soft Tissue
Surgical Critical Care

Provider: American College of Surgeons
John A Weigelt, MD, DVM, MMA
Professor of Surgery
Department of Surgery
USD Sanford School of Medicine
Sioux Falls, SD

Learning Objectives
At the conclusion of this activity, participants should be able to:

Assess the current state of their knowledge of surgery and surgical conditions
Interpret knowledge gaps in key areas of surgery and surgical conditions
Apply new problem-solving skills to improve the health of their patients
Apply this learning as a helpful experience in preparing for recertification examinations

Note: Audio Companion for SESAP 17 is not a recitation of the SESAP 17 Print Syllabus. It is a collection of interviews with SESAP 17 authors and other experts that cover the key areas of the SESAP 17 Print Syllabus, and provides expert guidance on how to use the information in practice.
Intended Audience
General surgeons and surgery residents

Release Date: March 31, 2020
Credit Expiration Date: March 31, 2023