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Beyond BASIC Intensive Care Nephrology



Intensive Care Nephrology: beyond BASIC is a short course, usually held over 1.5 days, which aims to teach practical aspects of intensive care of patients with renal diseases and renal dysfunction.
What topics are covered?

Epidemiology & definition of acute kidney injury
Functional renal anatomy & physiology
Diuretics & the kidney
Renal acid-base disturbance
Acute kidney injury
Sepsis & acute kidney injury
Intra-abdominal hypertension, abdominal compartment syndrome & AKI
Chronic kidney disease
Renal replacement therapy: indications & choice of technique
Principles of extracorporeal renal replacement therapy
Practical aspects of continuous extracorporeal renal replacement therapy
Intermittent haemodialysis & hybrid techniques
Peritoneal dialysis
Principles of drug dosing in AKI