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Chestnet Pediatric Pulmonary Board Review On Demand 2022 ( VIDEOS)

149 MP4 + 151 MP3 + 150 PDF files
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Chestnet Pediatric Pulmonary Board Review On Demand 2022( VIDEOS)

Access the full set of recordings from the 2022 Pediatric Pulmonary Medicine Board Review course. Watch and listen as leading chest medicine experts show you how to solve case-based problems and give in-depth answers to common questions.
Program content mirrors the content of the exam, as outlined by the ABP.
Content Category
– Clinical Diseases
– Evaluation/Diagnosis
– Therapy
– Prevention
– Lung Growth and Development
– Structure and Function of the Respiratory System
– Lung Defense Mechanisms
– Cell Biology and Biochemistry
– Gas Exchange, Ventilation-perfusion Distribution, Acid-base
– Respiratory Mechanics
– Control of Breathing
– Pulmonary Vascular Physiology
– Mechanics of Lung Inflammation, Injury, and Repair
– Core Knowledge in Scholarly Activities

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