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Colonoscopy 2020 Update Learning and Doing (On-Demand) October 2020

Format :50 file ( videos mp4 + Pdf )
Released: October 2020
Viewing Time: 10 hours



This course features a faculty of nationally recognized educators and experts in the area of colonoscopy who will help participants improve their colonoscopy performance. Through didactic presentations, video panel discussions, participants will learn how to achieve safer, higher-quality and more efficient colonoscopies, which includes advancing their skills in preparing the patient for colonoscopy, screening from anus to appendiceal orifice, adenoma detection and characterization, use of electrosurgery, various techniques for endoscopic resection of large polyps, mucosal defect closure, control of bleeding, as well as the prevention of ergonomic and medico-legal injuries.
This course is aimed at practicing gastrointestinal endoscopists, surgeons, and clinical members of their endoscopy teams who perform colonoscopy.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

Utilize safe and effective bowel preparations and medication management for a spectrum of patient conditions and co-morbidities.
Implement routine as well as novel adjuvant colonoscopy techniques to enhance colonoscopy screening and surveillance.
Implement anorectal disease management to your practice
Resect large polyps safely and completely, using endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), underwater EMR, cold snare resection, hybrid EMR, and device-assisted resection.
Reduce post-polypectomy complications by implementing safer techniques and interventions.
Manage various colonic pathologies

1-Welcome and Introductions
2-Advanced Imaging in the Colon for Polyp Detection
3-Anorectal Clinic- How to Manage Hemorrhoids, Fissures, etc.
4-Closing Remarks
5-Colonic Stenting- Tips and Tricks
6-Colonoscopy for the Long Haul- Stay Away from Occupational Injuries. Should I have Disability Insurance-
7-Complications Management – Closing Defects
8-Complications Management- Controlling Bleeding & Preventing Rebleeding
9-Emerging Role of Artificial Intelligence for Polyp Detection
10-EMR Techniques- Submucosal injection, snares and more
11-ESD – Are Hybrid Techniques and Traction Necessary to ‘Get the West’ to Adopt-
12-ESD Fellowship to First Case in Practice
13-Faculty Q&A – Session 1
14-Faculty Q&A – Session 2
15-Faculty Q&A – Session 3
16-Faculty Q&A – Session 4
17-Fecal Microbial Transplant- Is is Safe-
18-Hands-On Techniques
19-Managing Anti-Coagulants and Anti-Platelet Agents- When to Stop and Restart-
20-Medico-legal Issues Related to Colonoscopy – How to Prepare to Stay Out of Courts
21-Novel Overtube Device Assisted Colonoscopic Resection Techniques
22-Principles of Management of Colon Polyps – Small, Large, Pedunculated, Flat, etc.
23-Setting up your Electrosurgery Unit for Resection, Hemostasis and Edge Ablation
24-Surveillance in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
25-Treatment of the Fibrotic Scar- Removing Residual and Previously Manipulated Polyps
26-Updated Screening and Surveillance Guidelines
27-Video Quiz
28-Virtual Exhibit Hall
Hands-On Technique Demos
1-Session 1- Cautery and Bleeding Review
2-Session 2- Pedunculated Polyp
3-Session 3- EMR
4-Session 4- Clipping
5-Session 5- Tattoo
6-Session 6- Colonic Stenting

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