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Comprehensive Review in Pediatric Anesthesiology 2021 (CME VIDEOS)


This online CME program — tailored to anesthesiologists who care for patients of all ages in ambulatory and inpatient settings — provides a general review of common pediatric anesthesia challenges, as well as clinical pearls and procedure-specific considerations for the young patient.

Led by University of Minnesota’s Jakob Guenther, MD, expert speakers in Comprehensive Review of Pediatric Anesthesiology discuss physiology, pharmacology, preoperative/postoperative considerations, congenital heart defects, pain control, airway management, and more.
Additional continuing medical education lectures focus on frequent procedures and anesthetic challenges associated with specific specialties (ENT, dental, neurosurgery, urology, orthopedics, etc).
Learning Objectives
At the completion of this course, you should be able to:
– Have a better overview about the differences in physiology, pharmacology and anatomy between adult and pediatric patients including more recent data and evidence for your daily practice, both for basic techniques of pediatric anesthesia, as well as procedure specific strategies
– Approach pediatric patients with a focus on their specific needs in the preoperative (anxiety, agitation), intraoperative (physiology, fluid requirements, airway management) and postoperative (emergence, PO(N)V, airway complication) setting
– Have guidance how to optimize anesthetic technique for common procedures and conditions
– Have more background information about invasive and complex procedures, conditions (congenital heart disease) and interventions. Those procedures may not be part of your practice, but that the patient either went through them or will have to go through them in the future. Both past and future interventions may have implications on how to approach the patient’s anesthetic management while the patient is under your care
Intended Audience
This activity is designed for anesthesiology residents, pediatric anesthesia fellows, and general anesthesiologists.
Pediatric Perioperative Physiology
Jakob Guenther, MD
Pediatric Perioperative Pharmacology
Jakob Guenther, MD
Pediatric Airway and Ventilation
Balazs Horvath, MD, FASA
Pediatric Pre and Postoperative Considerations
Jakob Guenther, MD
Pediatric Perioperative Pain Strategies
Balazs Horvath, M.D., FASA
Anesthetic Consideration in Congenital Heart Disease (CHD)
Jakob Guenther, MD
Neonatal Surgeries and Emergencies
Jakob Guenther, MD
Pediatric ENT and Basic Craniofacial Surgery
Jakob Guenther, MD
Anesthesia Considerations for Dental Procedures
Jakob Guenther, MD
Anesthesia Considerations for Pediatric Neurosurgical Procedures and Emergencies
Jakob Guenther, MD
Anesthesia Considerations for Abdominal, Urologic and Thoracic Procedures
Jakob Guenther, MD
Pediatric Orthopedic Anesthesia
Divya Dixit, MD
Anesthesia for Pediatric Eye Surgery
Sam Nour, MD, MMM
Sedation Strategies for Minimal Invasive Procedures/Imaging
Jakob Guenther, MD
Essentials of Syndromes and Rare Diseases
Jakob Guenther, MD
Date of Original Release: March 1, 2021
Date Credits Expire: March 1, 2024