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Dentistry Master Classes


Learn How to Implement Cutting Edge Procedures on Complex Cases in the Comprehensive Case Library
Perfect Your Techniques And Understanding With the Highly Organized Techniques and Concepts Library
Multiple Comprehensive Cases/Technique and Concept Videos are Available for All of The Sections Listed
New Comprehensive Cases As Well As Technique And Concept Videos Are Presented

Program contents:
Veneers & Aesthetics

The fundamentals of aesthetics. How to determine and restore the optimum shape and position of the maxillary and mandibular incisal planes as well as the correct anterior teeth length and width.

Understanding the critical relationship between maxillary and mandibular incisal planes and the maxillary gingival line, the upper and lower lip lines and the pupillary line.

Understanding the relationship between the upper “lip in repose” and the incisal plane. Understanding the 3 upper “lip in repose” classifications and their usefulness, or not, in helping determine the precise position of the restored incisal plane.

8-12 maxillary and/or mandibular teeth restored with porcelain veneers

The critical components of shade matching adjacent teeth with porcelain veneers.

 Implants & implant secured dentures

Small diameter (mini) implant stabilization of full and partial dentures including teeth extraction, alveolar ridge recontouring, immediate small diameter implant placement at the time of teeth extraction, bone grafting and resorbable membranes, suturing, healing, home care, final full and partial denture fabrication.

Root form implant placement.

Sinus lifts with bone grafting and implant placement.

Utilization of Platelet Rich Fibrin.

Immediate implant placement with single rooted teeth extraction and delayed implant placement following bone grafting and Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) utilization of multi-rooted teeth.

How to precisely determine a patient’s vertical dimension when fabricating removable full dentures.

Anterior crowns & bridges

How to expertly perform periodontal crown lengthening surgery combining alveolar crestal bone recontouring with gingivectomy, creating a stable, healthy gingival line that will not relapse.

Pros and cons discussed and demonstrated of replacing missing anterior teeth with fixed bridges vs. implants vs. Maryland bridges.

Creating ideal gingival pontic receptor sights for maxillary anterior fixed bridges so the pontic appears like a natural tooth.

Full mouth reconstruction

Step-by-step instruction on full mouth reconstructions, including a straight forward way to increase vertical dimension.

A straightforward, predictable system of increasing vertical dimension in wear cases.

 TMJ, facial pain & occlusion

How to manipulate the mandible into centric relation.  The components of ideal occlusion.  Centric relation vs. centric occlusion.  Proper eccentric contacts.  Cuspid protected working side movements vs. group function.  Balancing side and protrusive occlusion.

The fundamentals of occlusal equilibration.

A straightforward, highly effective method of diagnosing and treatment of myofacial (muscle) and intraarticular (TMJ) facial pain and dysfunction.

How to read MRIs and their importance in diagnosing normal, anteriorly displaced reducing TMJ discs and anteriorly displaced non-reducing TMJ discs. Can a displaced disc be “recaptured?”  How to predictably, effectively treat these cases. When, if ever, is TMJ surgery indicated?’

What causes a pop and click? Why these cases are the most complicated.

Patient communication… what can the patient expect from this treatment?

 The Most Productive Practice System

The fundamentals of the most effective New Patient interview, comprehensive examination and consultation. Where is it done, how is it done, what are the things discussed so that the patient has a crystal clear picture of their presenting condition and their treatment options, motivating them to move forward with appropriate comprehensive dental treatment. ​

Learn the fundamentals of one of, if not the most productive dental practice systems, in the United States.

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Exclusives: How to Give a Painless & Profound Mandibular Injection

Prsented by: Steve T. Cutbirth
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