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DocmedED 2018 American Society of Spine Radiology


+ Include: 68 videos + 1 pdf, size: 4.05 GB
+ Target Audience: radiologist
+ Sample video: contact me for sample video
+ Topics:
1. Keynote Address Value Based Imaging for LBP.mp4
2. LBP From the Bench Side to the Clinic.mp4
3. Pearls of Spine Imaging To Image or Not.mp4
4. The Role of Dynamic MRI in Diagnosing Lower Back Pain.mp4
5. Advanced Imaging of LBP.mp4
6. Metamorphosis of a Diagnostic Radiologist into an Interventional Spine Radiologist How to Start a Practice.mp4
7. Indications and How to Do Steroid Injections.mp4
8. Indications and How to Do Facet Injections.mp4
9. Indications and How to Approach Vertebral Augmentation.mp4
10. Vertebral Augmentation – Tales from the Crypt.mp4
11. Appropriate Use of Imaging Intervention for Post-Operative Infection.mp4
12. How Much Imaging is Too Much Imaging.mp4
13. Will Structured Reporting Enhance the Value of Spine Imaging.mp4
14. Value and Deficiencies of the Spine Nomenclature.mp4
15. Myelography A Dying Art Current Utility.mp4
16. Discography The Current Evidence.mp4
17. Keynote Address Goals Expectations to Restoring a Normal Life to the Spinal Cord Injured Patient – Role of Rehabilitation.mp4
18. Clearing the Injured Spine.mp4
19. Special Considerations for the Traumatized Pediatric Spine.mp4
20. Clearance for Return to Play in High Performance Athletes After Spinal Trauma.mp4
21. Role of MRI in SCI Correlation with Neurologic Deficit and Prognosis.mp4
22. Is DTI the Missing Link in Spinal Cord Injury.mp4
23. Spine Tumor Imaging What the Radiation Oncologist Needs to Know.mp4
24. Surgical Stabilization in Spine Oncology.mp4
25. Pediatric Spine Tumors You Might Actually See.mp4
26. Interventional Therapeutics for Spinal Tumors.mp4
27. Advanced Imaging of Spinal Tumors Diffusion Imaging and Beyond.mp4
28. Multi-disciplinary Case Conference Interventionalists, Surgeon, Oncologist.mp4
29. Keynote Address MRI Findings in Complications and Failures of Lumbar Spinal Surgery Why Does the Failed Back Fail.mp4
30. Pathogenesis Of Spinal Stenosis.mp4
31. Imaging of Spinal Stenosis.mp4
32. Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy.mp4
33. Degenerative Disk Disease in the Pediatric Population.mp4
34. Surgical Objectives for Treatment of Spinal Stenosis.mp4
35. Discitis Osteomyelitis and Its Mimickers.mp4
36. Imaging of Post-Operative Complications.mp4
37. Transvers Myelitis Role of Neuroradiology.mp4
38. Pediatric Spine Infections.mp4
39. Inflammatory Spondyloarthropathies.mp4
40. Granulomatous Diseases.mp4
41. Imaging 3.0 Adding Value to Imaging.mp4
42. Health Care Reform in 2015 – An Update.mp4
43. The Alphabet Soup of Government Programs You Should Care About ACO’s, SGR, MU.mp4
44. Case Files from the ASNR Presidential Archives.mp4
45. Legal Ramifications of Your Reports.mp4
46. ABR Co-sponsorship of the Pain Management Certificate.mp4
47. MRI Patterns in Spinal Cord Pathologies.mp4
48. Vascular Injury to the Carotid and Vertebral Arteries.mp4
49. Practical Plexus Imaging.mp4
50. MR Neurography.mp4
51. Is Whiplash Amenable to Imaging.mp4
52. Vascular Lesions of the Spine and Spinal Cord Imaging Features, Algorithms and Treatment.mp4
53. Surgical Perspective in the Evaluation of Back Pain.mp4
54. Assessment of Axial and Radicular Pain.mp4
55. Neurology and Physical Exam of the Spine for Spine Radiologists.mp4
56. Pharmacological Management of Pain.mp4
57. Local Anesthetics and Steroids.mp4
58. Percutaneous Disk Procedures New Horizons.mp4
59. Advanced VP and KP Techniques.mp4
60. Cryoblation and Radiofrequency Ablation in Spine and Sacrum.mp4
61. Treatment of Malignant Compression Fractures Augmentation and Local Ablation.mp4
62. Principles and Techniques of the MILD Procedure.mp4
63. Epidemiology & Diagnosis of CSF Hypotension.mp4
64. Fixing the Elusive Spinal Leak Blood Patches versus Open Surgery.mp4
65. An Interventional Approach to SI Joint Pathology.mp4
66. Facet Pain Syndromes.mp4
67. How to Approach Facet Interventions.mp4
68. Synovial Cysts.mp4