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DocmedED 2018 Classic Lectures in Pathology What You Need to Know Liver Pathology


+ Include: 11 videos + 1 pdf, size: 2.3 GB
+ Target Audience: pathologist, gastroenterologists
+ Sample video: contact me for sample video
+ Topics:
1. Primary Liver Tumors.mp4
2. Metabolic Liver Diseases.mp4
3. Steatosis and Steatophepatitis.mp4
4. Granulomas in the Liver With an Emphasis on Infectious Etiologies.mp4
5. Introduction to the Hepatic Pathology Road Map.mp4
6. Histology of Autoimmune Liver Disease – Case Based.mp4
7. Non-Hepatrophic Viral Infections of the Liver – Case Based.mp4
8. An Approach to Hepatic Fibrosis – Case Based.mp4
9. Drug Induced Liver Injury – Case Based.mp4
10. Acute and Chronic Hepatitis Still Important in 2016.mp4
11. Cholestatic Liver Diseases The Jaundiced View.mp4