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DocmedED 2019 Pathology Review Dermatopathology, Hematopathology, and Breast for the General Pathologist


+ Include: 17 videos + 1 pdf, size: 6.54 GB
+ Target Audience: pathologist, dermatologist, hematologist, gynecologist
+ Sample video: contact me for sample video
+ Topics:
1. Pathologic Examination of the Neoadjuvant Specimen.mp4
2. The Low Grade Breast Neoplasia Pathway.mp4
3. A Brief Tour Through Benign Adnexal Neoplasms.mp4
4. Adnexal Carcinoma.mp4
5. WHO and Beyond.mp4
6. Overview of Classification Myeloid Neoplasms.mp4
7. Acute Myeloid Leukemia Key Strategies.mp4
8. Practical Approach to Myelodysplasia.mp4
9. Molecular Classification of Breast Cancer and Prognostic Testing.mp4
10. Updates on the 8th Edition of the AJCC Staging Manual for Breast Cancer.mp4
11. Spindle Cell Lesions in the Breast.mp4
12. Benign and Neoplastic Lymphoid Disorders in Blood and Bone Marrow with Interactive Case Presentation.mp4
13. Cutaneous Vascular Tumors.mp4
14. Special Type Breast Cancers.mp4
15. Spongiotic, Psoriasiform and Interface Dermatitis with Cases.mp4
16. From Nevus to Melanoma How Melanocytes Become Malignant, Morphologically and Molecularly.mp4
17. Squamous and Basal Cell Carcinoma The Cutting Edge.mp4