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EMG/NCS Online Series: Volume VIII Uncommon Nerve Conduction Studies


“Uncommon nerve conduction studies are ‘uncommon’ because you do not do them”. That is the philosophy of Dr. Sridhar. Dr. Sridhar describes the anatomic landmarks for electrode placements, and also suggests reference values. Using his techniques, everything looks so simple: from median nerve to the saphenous nerve. When you wish to study proximal nerve lesions, you will his technique most useful.
Author(s)  :  Channarayapatna R. Sridhara, M.D.


“Conduction studies become uncommon when they are not used routinely”. In this DVD, Dr Sridhar performs these ‘uncommon’ studies so that one can use them routinely for better localization of nerve pathology. He emphasizes proper identification of the stimulating and recording sites by describing the course of the nerve, use of anatomic landmarks, and palpation technique. During recording, he discusses methods to improve signal quality and reducing artifacts. Finally, he describes the suggested normal values and clinical utility of each conduction study. The DVD shows motor and sensory conduction studies as well as blink reflex and H-reflex procedures. Motor Nerves discussed: Facial, Trigeminal, Spinal Accessory, Axillary, Musculocutaneous, Suprascapular, Radial, Femoral, and Peroneal. Motor Nerves discussed: Lateral Antebrachial Cutaneous, Medial Antebrachial Cutaneous, Posterior Femoral Cutaneous, Lateral Femoral Cutaneous, Saphenous, Superficial Peroneal, Deep Peroneal, Plantar (Tibial), Sural. 23 Videos. Duration: 95 Minutes

EMG on DVD Series: Volume VIII
Uncommon Nerve Conduction Studies
Authors Channarayapatna R. Sridhara, M.D

Video Samples
   Sural Sensory NCS
   Surface Versus Needle Electrode Recordings

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