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Endo Channel: The Excellence in Endodontic Treatment Made Easy


This 18 hours long training course is dedicated to all those dental professionals seeking an all-comprising yet practical introduction to Endodontics, from the basic concepts to the most cutting edge techniques, instruments, and devices. Specialists and general practitioners who wish to improve their endodontic knowledge and add useful tips and tricks in Endodontics will benefit from this course.
The didactic structure is designed to successfully address the needs of the clinician who wants to learn the best practices in Endodontics, with extensive and very detailed videos portraying clinical procedures.
This course aims to present a series of comprehensive lectures specifically designed to offer insights and training in the field of modern Endodontics.
The aim of the project is to enhance the learners’ knowledge and clinical skills concerning the most advanced endodontic techniques.
Several clinical situations will be addressed to show and highlight the fundamentals of primary root canal treatment, to describe techniques and practical tips and tricks according to the ideal, systematic approach to provide patients with long-term predictable clinical success.
This comprehensive course offers a wide and deep overview of Endodontics, covering the most modern concepts of:

access cavity preparation
predictable detection of the root canal orifices,
the ideal instrument for root canal shaping
complex scouting and glide path management
apical refinement and finishing,
root canal debridement and disinfection protocols improvement through an innovative evidence-based irrigation protocol
new 3D techniques for filling the root canal system
current strategies to restore Endodontically treated teeth

Every single topic will be completed with indications concerning; the latest technologies made available by the industry and how to benefit from them.