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Esthetic Rehabilitation: Esthetic and Functional Integration of the Prosthetic Rehabilitation


This video course describes Dr. Fradeani’s systematic approach to prosthetic rehabilitation. The aim of the course is to help specialists feel confident and equipped to perform any treatment involving the use of bridges, crowns, veneers and onlays on natural teeth and implants, from single restoration to full-arch prosthetic rehabilitation
Web Lecture 1
The guided treatment plan in prosthetic rehabilitation.
1. Digital vs analogic treatment planning
2. How to use a facebow
3. Diagnostic wax-up and mock-up
Web Lecture 2
Esthetic analysis: facial analysis in prosthetic rehabilitation
1. Natural head position
2. Horizontal and vertical harmony and disharmony
3. Evaluation: frontal view
4. Evaluation: lateral view
Web Lecture 3
Esthetic analysis: dentolabial analysis in prosthetic rehabilitation
1. Incisal edge position and tooth exposure at rest
2. Dentolabial asymmetry
3. Smile line
4. Labial corridor
Web Lecture 4
Esthetic in the anterior sectors on natural teeth and implants
1. Ideal dental composition
2. Gingival symmetry
3. Esthetic optimization on natural teeth
4. Esthetic optimization on implants
Web Lecture 5
Functional analysis in esthetic and prosthetic rehabilitation
1. The role of occlusion
2. Centric relation: how, when, why
3. Maximum intercuspation – adapted – centric posture
anterior guidance
4. Vertical Dimension: how, when and why it should be increased
Web Lecture 6
Worn dentition: erosion
1. Endogenous erosion: reflux and bulimia
2. Exogenous erosion: food and drink
3. The role of saliva
4. Clinical management of the patient with dental erosion
in extensive rehabilitations
Web Lecture 7
Worn dentition: friction
1. Physiological and pathological friction
2. Bruxism and the role of occlusion
3. Bruxism and sleep apnea
4. Clinical management of the patient with dental friction
in extensive rehabilitations
Web Lecture 8
Biological integration in the esthetic and functional rehabilitation
1.Traditional vs innovative tooth preparation: when, how and why
2. Juxta-gingival and intrasulcular tooth preparation – Temporary
crowns and bridges
3. Veneer preparation: gingival and structural biological integration
4. Impressions: orthodontic wire technique for cervical
margin detection
Web Lecture 9
Step-by-step full-mouth prosthetic rehabilitation
1. Esthetic, functional, and phonetic analysis
2. Diagnostic wax up, mock-up
3. Innovative tooth preparation, Final impressions. Laboratory
4. Customized anterior guidance – Cross mounting
5. Try-in and final adjustments – Cementation of the final restorations
Web Lecture 10
All-ceramic restorations
1.Zirconia: indications and limits
2. Lithium disilicate: indications and limits
3. Veneers, Full Veneers, Table top. Buccal occlusal Veneer
4. Minimally invasive prosthetic procedure (MIPP)