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Fradeani Masterclass: Esthetic Rehabilitation with Ceramic Veneers


The use of ceramic veneers represents a valid alternative to complete crown restorations. Innovative minimally invasive preparation and no-prep clinical approaches allow the maximum preservation of healthy tooth structure, thus guaranteeing tooth vitality and a higher resistance of the restoration. Etching with specific acids of the internal surface of glass-based ceramics, combined with the etching potential of dental enamel, results in an extraordinarily strong final bond.
This Masterclass shows all the preparation phases that do not require the use of anesthesia and provides precise indications to prevent veneer detachment or fracture.
This Masterclass includes:

8 theoretical lectures
6 detailed clinical videos portraying a complete case from A to Z
2 new Live Sessions with the authors
2 recorded interactive sessions from the previous edition

Topics covered in this Masterclass:

State-of-the-art veneer restoration protocols
Ceramic veneers treatment indications and contraindications
Tooth preparation techniques
Provisionals fabrication and material election
Evolution and long-term results of cases with 30+ years of follow-up

At the end of this Masterclass, you will be able to:

Identify the key aesthetic and functional aspects for successful veneer integration
Master tooth preparation techniques and take precise impressions
Master case-specific ceramic material and color selection
Master adhesive cementation protocols step-by-step
Guarantee predictability, stability over time and the highest degree of precision in every step of the treatment
Avoid any potential pitfalls in simple and more challenging veneer restorations