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Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 2021: New Frontiers in ERCP & EUS (On-Demand) | March 2021

Release Date: March 2021
Viewing Time: 16 hours




The field of interventional endoscopy is rapidly changing and ever growing.  With all the new advancements emerging, there is even more research being done.  Practicing gastroenterologists, advanced endoscopists, GI researchers, device companies, pharmaceuticals are collectively pushing our profession to new levels of providing better options and care for patients. This educational program highlights where the advanced endoscopy profession is today with disease states commonly diagnosed or treated therapeutically with ERCP and EUS, while providing a glimpse into where techniques are headed in the next few years. One trend that could be the most important for patients – the increasing integration of EUS into general gastrointestinal (GI) training and practice. How can we address by facilitating more EUS training?   As newer linear-array EUS scopes are smaller and durable one could find these easy to manipulate similar to a standard gastroscope. Could we find ways to increase the volume of experienced endosonographers who could be introduced into future general GI practices, on an ongoing basis? Combining this high number of qualified endosonographers with access to simple, effective, diagnostic and therapeutic devices could lead to a literally exponential trend of integration of quality EUS into the management of wide variety clinical problems and cancers.  These type of questions and trends is where we hope to immerse and engage the entire GI Team in the latest news on ERCP and EUS diagnostics, therapeutics, training, medico-legal and risk-assessment strategies, reimbursement, overview of various disease states and cancers, advice on guideline recommendations along with clinical and translational research points.

A global virtual congress hosted by ASGE that begins on Friday with optional satellite symposia, mini masterclasses followed by a virtual reception in our virtual exhibit hall.
Tailor made for a global audience, enjoy live and recorded sessions with discussions and debates with attendees and expert faculty
A virtual exhibit hall, hosting interesting content from ASGE’s industry partners with gaming opportunities for awards/prizes.
Immerse and engage your entire GI Team in the latest news in GI diagnostics, therapeutics, medico-legal and risk-assessment strategies, reimbursement, overview of various disease states, advice on guideline recommendations along with clinical and translational research points.

Released: March 2021
Viewing Time: 16 hours

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this educational activity, participants will be able to:

List key trends that explain how ERCP is evolving primarily into an outpatient procedure with selective post-procedure admission, usually for less than 24 hours.
Identify referral patterns of complex ERCPs and the potential use of Centers of Excellence or tertiary care institutions.
Describe how an endoscopist skill set in EUS and ERCP are complimentary, potentially reducing the overutilization of one of the higher-risk procedures in endoscopy.
Identify key success factors in utilizing a coordinated team approach to clinical and technical problem solving related to EUS and ERCP
Describe how to avoid, minimize, and/or manage EUS/ERCP-related adverse events
Compare and contrast the recent advances in the diagnosis and optimal treatment of common GI Disorders

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