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Gulfcoast: Ultrasound-Guided Upper Extremity Nerve Blocks for Emergency Medicine



Ultrasound-Guided Upper Extremity Nerve Blocks for Emergency Medicine Training Video is designed for emergency medical professionals seeking to integrate these nerve block techniques into their emergency or critical care practice. This training video incorporates lectures providing overview of needle guidance basics, indications and applications for performing ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia/upper extremity nerve blocks including: interscalene, supraclavicular, brachial plexus, axillary, forearm, and cervical plexus blocks. Case presentations and billing/coding guidelines will also be covered.


Overview of Needle Guidance Basics
Indications and Applications for Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks
Ultrasound-Guided Nerve Blocks for the Upper Extremity: Anatomic Territories, Interscalene Block, Supraclavicular Brachial Plexus Block, Axillary Plexus Block, Forearm Nerve Blocks, and Cervical Plexus Block
Upper Extremity Nerve Block Case Studies
Billing and Coding


Increase the participants’ knowledge and competence to perform ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia for emergency medicine applications.
List the advantages of using ultrasound-guided nerve block techniques.
Demonstrate imaging techniques for performing ultrasound-guided upper extremities regional anesthesia nerve blocks.
Perform cervical plexus nerve blocks using ultrasound guidance.
Increase confidence to incorporate protocols, scan techniques, and interpretation criteria to integrate the skills learned into clinical practice.

Physicians, mid-level providers, and nurses involved with performing ultrasound-guided nerve blocks of the upper extremities. Practice specialties may include (but are not limited to) emergency, critical care, hospitalist, internal medicine, urgent care and primary care.

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