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Harvard Neurology for the Non-Neurologist 2023


Course Overview

Neurology for the Non-Neurologist is a comprehensive live lecture series that will provide the attendee with the opportunity to improve knowledge, competence and performance in the major sub-specialty areas of modern clinical neurology. The activity will incorporate presentations, Q&A and opportunities for the learners to interact with experts in the field. The course will provide updates on the rapidly changing field of clinical neurology. With the knowledge and competence gained, the learner will improve their ability to skillfully diagnose and manage those patients who present with neurological symptoms and disorders.
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Who Should Attend

Physician Assistants
Nurse Practitioners
Primary Care Physicians
Specialty Physicians

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this activity, participants will be able to:

Recognize how to diagnose and differentiate common neurological problems such as headache and dementia.
Analyze the most common neurological symptoms such as tremors and dizziness.
Apply optimal care to patients with neurological problems who do not require referral to a neurologist.
Identify ways to provide self-management support to patients with chronic neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis.
Diagnose and communicate the diagnosis of functional neurologic disorders.


All agenda sessions are in Eastern Time.

MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2023

9:00-9:10 AM

Sashank Prasad, MD; Tamara Kaplan, MD

9:10-10:00 AM

Clinical Neuroanatomy for Non-Neurologists
Sashank Prasad, MD

10:00-10:50 AM

The Neurological Exam
Tamara Kaplan, MD

10:50-11:40 AM

Angeliki Vgontzas, MD

11:40 AM- 12:00 PM

Case Presentation and Discussion
Sashank Prasad, MD;  Tamara Kaplan, MD; Angeliki Vgontzas, MD

12:00-1:00 PM


1:00-1:50 PM

Neuroimaging for the Non-Neurologist: What to Order and When
Joshua Klein, MD, PhD

1:50-2:40 PM

Sports Neurology
Claus Reinsberger, MD

2:40-3:20 PM

Neuropathies and Radiculopathies
Meabh O’Hare, MD

3:20-3:25 PM


3:25-4:10 PM

Myasthenia Gravis and Muscle Disease
Joome Suh, MD

4:10-4:15 PM

Q&A with Course Directors

4:15-4:30 PM

Case Presentation and Discussion
Sashank Prasad, MD; Tamara Kaplan, MD;  Meabh O’Hare, MD;  Joome Suh, MD

TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2023

9:00-9:50 AM

Stroke Prevention
Alexis Roy, MD

9:50-10:25 AM

Recognizing and Managing Acute Stroke
Samuel Snider, MD

10:25-10:35 AM

Case Presentation and Discussion
Sashank Prasad, MD;  Tamara Kaplan, MD; Samuel Snider, MD; Alexis Roy, MD

10:35-11:25 AM

The Dizzy Patient
Martin Samuels, MD
It is with great sadness that we announce Dr. Martin A. Samuels, M.D. passed away June 6 at the age of 77. The lectures by Dr. Samuels are recorded. Dr. Samuels was deeply devoted to neurology, his family, patients, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. He will be dearly missed.

11:25 AM-12:00 PM

Ellen Bubrick, MD

12:00-1:00 PM


1:00-1:50 PM

Window to the Brain: Neurologic Causes of Visual Loss
Sashank Prasad, MD

1:50-2:40 PM

When to Suspect Multiple Sclerosis and Other Neuroinflammatory Disorders
Sarah Conway, MD

2:40-3:30 PM

Below the Belt Neurology
Tamara Kaplan, MD

3:30-4:20 PM

Women’s Neurology
Mary Angela O’Neal, MD

4:20-4:30 PM

Case Presentation and Discussion
Sashank Prasad, MD; Tamara Kaplan, MD;  Mary Angela O’Neal, MD


9:00-9:45 AM

Parkinson’s Disease and Other Movement Disorders
Emily Ferenczi, MD, PhD

9:45-10:30 AM

Cognitive Disorders and Dementia
Seth Gale, MD

10:30-10:40 AM

Case Presentation and Discussion
Sashank Prasad, MD; Tamara Kaplan, MD; Seth Gale, MD

10:40-11:25 AM

Functional Neurologic Disorders
Barbara Dworetzky, MD

11:25 AM-12:00 PM

Neurological Impacts of Cancer
L. Nicolas Gonzalez Castro, MD, PhD

12:00-1:00 PM


1:00-1:50 PM

Martin Samuels, MD

1:50-2:40 PM

Neurologic Infections for the Non-Neurologist
George Kyle Harrold, MD

2:40-3:30 PM

Back and Neck Pain
Shamik Bhattacharyya, MD

3:30-3:50 PM

Case Presentation and Discussion​​​​​​
Sashank Prasad, MD;  Tamara Kaplan, MD;  Shamik Bhattacharyya, MD

3:50-4:00 PM

Concluding remarks/Course adjourns