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Hirata’s Tooth Bonding Art – Adhesive Composite Restorations: Concept and Technique (Audio Portuguese with English subtitles)


Hirata’s Tooth Bonding Art – Ronaldo Hirata
Audio Portuguese with English subtitles
“Hirata’s tooth bonding art” web series comprises lectures, clinical demonstrations and detailed hands-on training videos, with the aim of providing the learner with the latest indications on composite restoration strategies.
The program embraces the fundamental techniques for composite layering (dentin/chromatic/achromatic enamel), both for anterior and posterior restorations, as well as the modified low shrinkage composite technique using fewer layers and the use of simplified esthetic composite systems.
The didactic approach chosen by the Author – Professor Ronaldo Hirata – sees a thorough step-by-step description of each technique addressed, comprising an analysis of the rationale and the challenges posed by their application.
The concepts behind adhesive restoration strategies and how to avoid post-operative sensitivity are addressed in dedicated mono-thematic lectures.
Different anterior restoration strategies and techniques are carefully portrayed through clinical demonstrations and hands-on training videos, offering the learner the possibility to immediately replicate the approaches shown by Professor Hirata.
The results of the research on conducted at the NYU on polymers analysis, biomechanical behavior of restorative materials and dental adhesives analysis are also presented.
Format Description:
The course comprises 26 Video Lectures, including 7 hands-on tutorial videos for immediate application of the techniques described.
Learning Objectives:

Recognize those clinical situations where composites provide the best advantages in terms of low invasively and esthetics.
Get a deeper understanding of the various approaches made available by adhesive systems and learn how to put them in action.
Find out how to avoid post-operative sensitivity.
Master traditional layering procedures.
Comprehend the most innovative simplified composite techniques, involving the use of bulk fill composites, simplified bonding systems and new composites.

Audio Portuguese with English subtitles
26 Videos  – Duration  13 hours  – File size : 27 GB