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Implant Surgery 101 – Implant Ninja


37 videos – 23 PDF files  
Implant Ninja, Implant Surgery 101
Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101: Everything You Need to Start Placing Implants
Implant surgery has become an increasingly popular option for patients who are missing teeth or require dental implants. If you are a dentist who is interested in expanding your dental implant skillset or starting to place implants in your practice, the Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101 course is the perfect resource for you.
This comprehensive course is designed to provide you with everything you need to know to start placing implants. From planning to execution, the course walks you through every step of the implant surgery process. The course is created by Implant Ninja, a team of experienced implantologists who have placed thousands of implants and are passionate about teaching dentists the skills they need to provide high-quality implant surgery to their patients.
Easy-to-Understand Concepts
The Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101 course is designed to be simple and comprehensive, with concepts explained in a way that is easy to understand. The course is structured as a step-by-step blueprint that covers all the basics of implant surgery. The videos are short, to-the-point, and focused on explaining key concepts. The course is also designed to be easy to refer back to right before an appointment, making it a valuable resource for dentists who are just starting to place implants.
The Essential Instruments
In addition to the comprehensive course material, the Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101 course also includes a detailed overview of the essential instruments required for implant surgery. This section of the course covers all the instruments you need to successfully place implants, from implant drivers to hand instruments.
The 37 videos included in the course cover a range of topics, from implant planning to surgical techniques. The videos are organized in a logical sequence, making it easy to follow along and understand the key concepts. The course also includes 23 PDF files that provide additional information and resources, making it a valuable reference tool.
Overall, the Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101 course is an excellent resource for dentists who are interested in expanding their implant surgery skillset. The course is comprehensive, easy to understand, and provides a wealth of information and resources that will help you become a skilled implantologist. Whether you are just starting to place implants or are looking to refine your skills, the Implant Ninja Implant Surgery 101 course is an essential resource for any dentist.
Course Curriculum
—Implant 101 surgery
| Implant Prescriptions .pdf
| Steps for implant placement.pdf
| 1-Hey There! _ Implant Ninja.mp4
| 2-Your 5-week Road Map Then…Place your first implant! _.mp4
| Implant_Ninja_PocketGuide.pdf
| The Little PDF of Implant Wisdom.pdf
+—10-Intro to bone grafting
| 1-2 Bone Grafting_ Intro to this Section.mp4
| 3- Bone Grafting Basics with Matthew Fien Pt 2.mp4
| 4-Intro to Veneer Grafting with Matt Fien.mp4
| 5-Socket Grafting_ Ice Cream Cone Technique.mp4
+—11-Medical screening for implants
| diabetes chart.pdf
| Implant Prescriptions .pdf
| Medical Screening_ Intro to this Section _ Implant Ninja — Mozilla Firefox 2022-05-28 17-14-48.mp4
| medication related necrosis chart.pdf
| radiation.pdf
| Red Flag Medications.pdf
+—12-Bonus Immediate placement tips
| 1-Immediate Placement with Allen Aptekar.mp4
| 2-3 Atruamatic EXT and Immediate Placement.mp4
+—13-Bonus steps for restoring an implant crown
| 1-2 Open Tray vs Closed Tray Impressions.mp4
| 2-Step 2_ Modify the Tray.mp4
| 3-Step 3_ Taking the impression.mp4
| 4-8 Step 4_ Clearing the Access hole.mp4
+—14-Last thing before you are ready to go
| Bone Graft Consent Form.pdf
| Complications Management with Nabeel Cajee _ Implant Ninja – Google Chrome 2022-05-28 21-40-06.mp4
| Implant Consent Form.pdf
| Legacy_Product_Catalog.pdf
| Smoking Consent Form.pdf
| Surgical Consent Form.pdf
| Zimmer TSV.pdf
+—15-How to set up room for implants
| VIDEO_ How to Set up for Implant Surgery _ Implant Ninja – Google Chrome 2022-05-28 21-51-39.mp4
+—16-Bonus intro to selling treatment
+—17-Questions and answers
| Should I use a bar in my overdenture_ _ Implant Ninja – Google Chrome 2022-05-28 22-05-42.mp4
+—2-Ivan’s quick & dirty treatmen planning guidelines
| 1-Intro _ Implant Ninja.mp4
| 2-5 Bone Height _ Implant Ninja.mp4
+—3-Surgical Anatomy Lectures
| 1-3 Anatomy_ Introduction to this section.mp4
| 4-5 Video_ Anatomy Lecture 2 of 3.mp4
| 5-6 Video_ Ivan’s comments on Maxillary Anatomy.mp4
| Anterior Loop.pdf
| Comments on Mandibular Anatomy.pdf
| Implants in Nasopalatine Canal PDF.pdf
| Maxillary Anatomy Considerations.pdf
| Space Requirements (1).pdf
| Tissue Biotype.pdf
+—4-Interpreting X-rays for implants
| 1-3 Radiology_ Intro to this Section.mp4
| Implant Pano Ninja Education.pdf
+—5-Tools of the trade
| 1-3 Set up_ Intro to this section.mp4
| 4-Video_ Neodent Surgical Kit.mp4
| 5-VIDEO_ Nobel Active Surgical Kit.mp4
| 6-11 Video_ Surgical Motor.mp4
+—6-Basic Implant placement Technique
| 1-3 Basic Implant Technique_ Intro to this section.mp4
| 4-6 How to Prepare the Implant Site.mp4
| 7-Anterior Implant Technique.mp4
+—7-Home assignments
| Assignment #4 – Practice Flaps _ Implant Ninja — Mozilla Firefox 2022-05-28 10-16-11.mp4
| Steps for implant placement.pdf
+—8-Implant surgery clinical videos
| 1-Clinical Videos_ Intro to this section.mp4
| 2-Maxillary Molar Implant Surgery – Breaking Floor of Sinus.mp4
| 3-Premolar Implant Surgery – Correcting Angle.mp4
| 4-5 Mandibular Molar Implant Surgery.mp4
| 6-7 #7 Implant w_ Flap & Membrane.mp4
—9-Extraction and Emergence tips
1-3 Extraction Tips_ Intro to this Section.mp4
4-5 Extraction Socket Classification Pt II with Mark Bishara.mp4