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Innovative Implantation Technique: Bag-in-the-Lens Cataract Surgery

by Marie-José Tassignon (Editor), Sorcha Ní Dhubhghaill (Editor), Luc Van Os (Editor)

Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 13 MB


This book offers a comprehensive guide to the bag-in-the-lens implantation technique, authored by its pioneer. Initially developed for adults and later adapted for use in pediatric patients, the technique has proven to be highly effective in reducing posterior capsular opacification and ensuring stability following cataract surgery. It has now become the primary approach for all patients with cataracts. The book covers the original monofocal spherical hydrophilic intraocular lens with a 5mm bi-convex optic and two elliptical plane haptics, and provides a concise, highly illustrated overview of the steps required for successful implantation. The toric version of the implant was launched in 2009, and a diffractive version is currently in development.

Both new and experienced ophthalmic surgeons will find this guide to be an indispensable resource for utilizing the bag-in-the-lens technique to effectively treat adult and pediatric cataract patients in their daily clinical practice.