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ITI International Team for Implantology Webinar & Video Lectures Package Part-1 (99 Videos)


1.Role of Implants in Dentistry
2.Implant-Supported vs. Conventional Fixed Dental Prostheses – Comparison and Outcomes
3.Anatomy with Relevance to Implant Surgery
4,Tissue Integration of Dental Implants
5.Implant Designs and Characteristics
6,Timing of Implant Placement after Tooth Extraction
7,Loading Protocols
8.Healing of the Extraction Socket
9.General Risk Factors and Contraindications for Implant Therapy
10.Introduction to Pharmacology
11.Pharmacology with Relevance to Dental Implant Therapy
12.Oral Medicine and Pathology
13,Oral Physiology
14,General Dental Knowledge and Clinical Skills for Implant Dentistry
15.Biosafety in Dental Practice General Principles
16.Legal and Ethical Considerations in Implant Practice
17,Selecting an Implant System
18.Selecting and Communicating with a Dental Laboratory
19,Digital Clinical Photography
20.Designing and Documenting Your Personal Development Plan (online-video-cutter.com)
21.Locating and Evaluating Relevant Scientific Literature
22.Team Roles and Training in Implant Therapy
23.An Introduction to Biostatistics
24.Structured Assessment and Treatment Planning
25.Patient History (Anamnesis)
26.Patient Social Factors
27.Patient Medical Factors
28.Patient Dental Factors
29.Extraoral Clinical Examinations
30.Intraoral Clinical Examinations
31.Additional Diagnostic Investigations
32.Site-Specific Clinical Examination
33.Esthetic Risk Assessment
34,The SAC Classification
35.Treatment Options, Prognosis and Proposal
36.Introduction to Radiographic Assessment
37,Recognizing and Troubleshooting Radiographic Imaging Errors
38.Prosthodontic Planning Principles for Implant Placement
39.Digital Implant Impression
40.Transitional Prostheses Used During Implant Therapy
41.Implant-Supported Provisional Prosthesis
42.Conventional Implant Impressions for Fixed Dental Prostheses
43.Ceramic Materials for Implant Prostheses (online-video-cutter.com)
44.Esthetic Planning for Implant-Supported Fixed Dental Prostheses
45.Occlusion on Fixed Implant Prostheses
46.Implant Configurations for Fixed Dental Prostheses
47.Design Principles for Combining Single Unsplinted Dental Implants and Partial Removable Dental Prostheses (RDPs)
48.Protocol for Fixed Implant Supported Prostheses Delivery (online-video-cutter.com)
49.Design Principles for FDPs
50.Immediate Restoration and Loading
51.Design Principles for Complete Removable Dentures
52.Complete Removable Overdentures Implant Configuration and Retention
53.Radiographic and Surgical Templates
54.Principles of Computer-Aided Implant Planning
55.Dental Materials Selection for FDPs
56,Abutment Selection for Fixed Dental Prostheses
57.Flap Closure
58.Surgical Setup for Office-Based Implant Surgery
59.Pre- and Postoperative Care and Medications for Implant Surgery
60.Oral Anesthesia and Anxiety Control for Implant Surgery
61.Flap Design
62.Surgical Assessment of the Implant Site
63.Implant Osteotomies
64.Surgical Complications and Management
65.Minimally Traumatic Extraction Techniques
66.Principles for the Management of Peri-Implant Defects
67.Biological Principles of Bone Grafting
68.Periosteal Releasing Incision (PRI)
69.Principles of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR)
70.Suturing Materials and Techniques (online-video-cutter.com)
71,Simultaneous Contour Augmentation Using GBR
72.Ridge Preservation Techniques
73.Principles of Sinus Floor Elevation
74.Implant and Prosthesis Survival and Success
75.Monitoring Peri-Implant Tissue Health
76.Managing Biological Complications
77.Principles of Managing Hardware Complications Associated with Fixed Dental Prostheses (online-video-cutter.com)
78.Principles of Evaluating Esthetic Outcomes
79.Etiology of Esthetic Complications
80.Anatomy Related to Implant Surgery – Part 1 The Maxilla iti
81.Approaching Dental Implants from the right angle recognizing, preventing and treating misaligned esthetic implants
82.Ceramic implants, Michael garhlart
83.Digital Surgical Planning iti
84.Dr. Gary Finelle_ Digital Workflow in the Esthetic Zone
85.Dr. Stefan P. Hicklin Straumannr BLT O 2.9 mm implant
86.Dr. Tim Joda Complete Digital Implant Workflow
87.Esthetic Risk Assessment in Implant Dentistry in Partially Edentulous and Edentulous Patients
88.Extraction Site Bone Graft and Immediate Implant Placement in the Esthetic Zone
89.Introduction classification. webm
90.ITI 2014 Davis Cochrane 60 years
91.ITI Implant Placement and Loading Protocols in Partially Edentulous Patients. webm
92.ITI length matters, Hemmerle
93.ITI surgical and prosthodontic consideration in implant placement
94.ITI WS2017 Live – History of the ITI by T. Straumann and D. Buser
95.Maintenance of the Ridge Post-Extraction
96.Management of Edentulous Arches
97.Saving or Replacing Implants
98.Transcrestal Sinus Floor Elevation
99.Minimally Traumatic Extraction Techniques part-2

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