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ITI International Team for Implantology Webinar & Video Lectures Package Part-2


1. Abutment Design & Restorative Considerations For Aesthetic Outcomes
2. Advance in Bone Regenerative Materials
3. Biomaterials for Bone Augmentation
4. Cement vs. Screw Retention
5. Current approaches of Horizontal or contour Augmentation
6. DOES implant abutment connection design influence bone and soft tissue maintenance?
7. Early Implant Placement with GBR using DBBM
8. Early Implant Placement with Simultaneous GBR
9. Fixed or Removable -Diagnosis & Treatment Options
10. Guided Bone regeneration -factors for success
11. Guided Bone regeneration evidence& technique
12. How to use GBR in implant placement
13. Implant placement after Tooth Extraction-selecting the optimal time
14. Implant Placement with Simultaneous augmentation using GBR
15. Implant-supported cantilevers in partially edentulous patients-The Periodontal Perspective
16. implants in medically-compromised patients
17. improving the predictability-Long term Outcomes with Implants
18. Indications and Recommendations for CBCT Imaging in Implant Dentistry
19. Key Factors with Implant Therapy in the Esthetic Zone
20. Loading Protocols in the Digital Era_Part I _Single Implants and Extended Edentulous Sites
21. Loading Protocols in the Digital Era_Part II-Edentulous Jaws_Fixed and Overdenture
22. Maintenance of the Ridge Post-Extraction
23. Managing of Prosthetic Complication in elderly patients
24. medical Risks and considerations in elderly patients related to implantology
25. New concepts in BIOLOGIC WIDTH space
26. Placement of Narrow Diameter Two-Piece Implants with Simultaneous GBR
27. Post-Extraction Healing and Implications for Implant Therapy
28. Post-Extraction Ridge Alteration: A Risk for Esthetics
29. Prosthetic Planning & Design to Prevent Biological Complications
30. PROSTHETIC solution for vertical deficiency
31. Strategic Considerations for tooth maintenance or replacement by implants
32. Success Criteria in Implant Prosthodontics
33. Surgical Alternatives for the completely edentulous Maxilla
34. Surgical Planning to Prevent Biological Complications
35. Surgical strategies in Elderly patients to reduce risk & morbidity
36. Surgical Treatment of esthetic disasters
37. Teeth vs. Implants: a Question of Sustainability
38. The Challenges of Reduced Diameter Implants
39. The Effect of TIME of Implant Loading -term Treatment Outcomes
40. Tissue Stability around implants
41. Treatment of Peri-Implantitis. Is there a Standard of care?