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ITI International Team for Implantology Webinar & Video Lectures Package Part-3


2-Dimensional Radiography in Implant Dentistry – What is its Current
Role, Biological and Technical Complications in Implant Dentistry
Biological Basics in Soft Tissue Management
Clinical Outcomes of Immediate Early Loading of Dental Implants 14-Year Follow-up
Complications in Regeneration and Reconstruction
Contemporary Implant Designs – What Has Changed
Digital Implant Dentistry A Fascinating Path of Exciting Possibilities
Digital Photography An Instrument to Avoid Complications
Does Implant Abutment Connection Design Influence Bone and Soft Tissue Maintenance
Does Implant-Abutment Design Influence Bone and Soft Tissue (online-video-cutter.com)
Esthetics for Implant RDPs
Factors for Long-term Treatment Outcomes
Implant Characteristics Materials, Surfaces, Design
Implant Complications – A Looming Epidemic
Implant Macro design, High Insertion Torque and Immediate Loading (online-video-cutter.com)
Implant Macro design, High Insertion Torque and Immediate Loading
Implant-Supported Prostheses from a Long-Term Perspective – What Works and What Does Not
Improving the Predictability – Long-term Outcomes with Implants
Intraoral Scanning
Introduction classification
Is Keratinized Mucosa around Implants Important
Lifelong Maintenance of Dental Implants
Management of Esthetic Implant Complications
Management of Esthetic Implant Failures – Surgical Aspects
Management of Periodontally Compromised Patients before and after Dental Implant Placement
Managing and Avoiding Complications in Implant Dentistry
Managing the `Unknown’ Implant
New Concepts in Biologic Width Space
Osseointegration and Implant Surfaces
Peri-implantitis Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities
Peri-Implantitis Prevalence, Diagnosis and Prognosis
Periodontitis versus Peri-Implantitis – Pathogenesis and Treatment Options
Planning for Success – Dental Implants in Daily Practice
Possible Causes of the Onset of Crestal Bone Loss around Implants
Post-Extraction Ridge Alteration – A Risk for Esthetics
Post-operative Biological Complications in Implant Dentistry Are They Predictable
Prevention of the Biological Risk (online-video-cutter.com)
Psychosocial Aspects of Implant Dentistry
Reconstructive Management of Maligned Implants and Infrapositioned Implants in Young Adults
Risk Factors for Biological Complications Diagnosis and Management
SAC v2.0_ What can you expect from the new SAC Classification_ ITI
Soft and Hard Tissue Around the Implant – What Do We Know
State-of-the-art Surgical Techniques in Partially Edentulous Implant Patients How Much Digital Is Used Nowadays in Daily Practice
Supportive Care for Implant Patients
Teeth vs. Implants – a Question of Sustainability
The Effect of Time of Implant Loading on Short- and Long-Term Treatment Outcomes
The Evolution of Dental Implants and the ITI
The Evolution to the SL Active Implant Surface
The Future of Implant Dentistry
The Ten Commandments of Implant Dentistry
Timing and Sequencing of Treatment Plans Involving Implants
Tissue Regeneration
Tissue Stability around Implants
Tooth Regeneration and Repair
Treating Elderly Implant Patients 2017
Treating the Elderly Patient 2013
Treatment of Peri-Implantitis. Is there a Standard of Care
Using New Technology to Enhance Treatment Outcomes
We Know, is the Literature Credible