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Mastering Exocad Bundle (3 Courses)


A complete A to Z of exocad – from the Fundamentals to Advanced CAD training (70 Videos)

1- Mastering exocad Fundamentals

30 exocad training lessons designed for total beginners to exocad.
In 3 hours this Module will give you the confidence to tackle fundamental restorative exocad designs.

2- Mastering exocad Intermediate

25 intermediate exocad training lessons to take your skills to the next level.
This 3 hour Module will elevate your knowledge to work in more advanced CAD work.

3- Mastering exocad Advanced

15 exocad training lessons for advanced exocad users and master complex design workflows.
In these 2 hours you will learn how to handle advanced restorative exocad design workflows.

Expertly curated by Marjorie Andrade, an experienced dental CAD designer with a knack for exocad, this course will help you navigate the software’s intricacies and put its powerful tools to work for your practice or lab.

Presented By: Marjorie Andrade

70 Videos – Duration: 8 hours – Files size: 4.8 GB