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Masters of Pathology : Dermatopathology 2020

Date of Original Release: December 31, 2020
Date Credits Expire: December 31, 2023
15.75 Hours 




All lectures by Jerad M. Gardner, MD

Epidermal Neoplasms: Bread and Butter Everyday Diseases That Can Still be Tricky!

Epidermal Neoplasms: Beyond the Basics

Diagnostic Approach to Melanocytic Lesions

Unique Subtypes of Nevus and Melanoma

Skin Adnexal Tumors 1

Skin Adnexal Tumors 2

Dermatology Urgencies & Emergencies That Every Pathologist Should Know

Inflammatory Dermpath: Patterns and Terminology

Fibrohistiocytic Spindle Cell Tumors of the Skin

Sarcomas Every Pathologist Should Know – Microscopy Session

Myxoid Skin Lesions Made Easy

Classic Cutaneous Hemepath Cases

Infectious Diseases of the Skin

Crafting a Useful Dermpath Report & Other Random Tips for Daily Practice

Dermpath Potpourri – Entities That Don’t Fit in Anywhere Else But Can’t Be Left Out

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