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Missing Maxillary Lateral Incisors: Space Closure in all Malocclusions vs Implants and Prosthetic Replacement


The course is devoted to the treatment of missing maxillary lateral incisors.
The lecturer is the legendary Marco Rosa. And this is his profile topic!
Over the course of 16 lessons you will learn:

Biomechanics and step-by-step protocols for unilateral and bilateral space closure
Space closure in difficult cases: class 3, periodontal pathology
Step by step canine camouflage protocols: direct and indirect restoration
Evidence based explanation for not using implants
Alternatives to implant-restorations in 2022.

This is the most comprehensive education on treatment of adentia. After completing the course, you will be able to choose situationally methods for incisors adentia treatment.
Presented By: Marco Rosa
16 Videos – Duration: 12 hours – Files size: 3 GB

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