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Neurology Initial Certification Review 2021 (v8.1) (The PassMachine) (Videos with Slides + Audios + PDF + Qbank Exam mode)

HTML (Interactive), Videos, Slides, Audios, PDF, Qbank (Exam mode)
File Size = 23.42 GB




Download all .rar files
Decompress only part1.rar file. Other parts will be automatically decompressed together.
Open the file Courses.html, using any internet browser (for example, Google Chrome)
Choose any topic you want to view.
You can choose to view Webminar, Audios, or PDF.
If you choose Webminar, you will see the videos and slides running side by side. Feel free to navigate to any slide you want.
If you want to go back and choose another topic, simply Refresh the page (or press F5 button in your keyboard).


Open the file Exam Builder.html, using any internet browser
Choose the question set you want (you can select many topics together)
Choose the number of questions to be included in this exam
Be well prepared, and begin the exam! You have an average of 1 minute for each question.
You can click Finish Test anytime. Your score, correct answers and explanations will be showed once you finish the test.

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