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Online Dental Master Classes & Webinars – Maxim Belograd


The most intensive, practical and informative online dental workshops ever. Unique formula of teaching – 100% result.
Course contens:

Adhesive Systems. Review and Clinical Application
Bonding of Ceramic Veneers. Step-by-Step Protocols
Bonding, Zirconia Crowns, Ceramic Over-Lays Part 1 & 2
Ceramic In-Lays, Over-Lays and Veneer-Lays, Preparation Designs
Clinical Aspects of Tooth Preparation Veneers and Class 3 Caries
Complete Guide in Veneer Preps All types Part 1 & 2
Direct Posterior Restorations
Impression and Retraction Techniques Part 1 & 2
RUBBERDAMology Basics Tips and Tricks with Isolation
Veneers and Class 4 and 5 Caries Defects
Veneers and Discoloration Part 1 & 2
Veneers on Premolars and Molars