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Ophthalmology: An Illustrated Colour Text 4th Edition

by Mark Batterbury Bsc FRCS FRCOphth (Author), Conor Murphy MMedSc FRCSI FRCOphth PhD (Author)

Format : Publisher PDF

File Size : 505,9 MB


The Fourth Edition of “Ophthalmology: An Illustrated Colour Text” is a popular introductory textbook in the field of ophthalmology. The book has received recognition for its excellence, with the First Edition being awarded the Asher Prize in the Royalty Society of Medicine Book Awards. This latest edition has been extensively reviewed, modified, and updated to ensure its relevance to a global audience seeking an introductory text in ophthalmology.

The contents of the book are organized into four parts:

  1. Essential Anatomy and Physiology: This section provides a foundation by covering the fundamental anatomy and physiology of the eye.
  2. Ophthalmic Diseases: Using an anatomically-ordered approach, this part describes various ophthalmic diseases. The content is structured in a way that helps readers understand the diseases based on their anatomical location.
  3. Special Topics: This section covers a range of special topics, including disease-related discussions and clinical management considerations. It offers a deeper exploration of specific areas of ophthalmology beyond basic disease descriptions.
  4. Clinical Problem Solving: The final section focuses on clinical problem solving, helping readers develop the skills necessary for diagnosing and managing ophthalmic conditions effectively.

The Fourth Edition has undergone significant updates to reflect the latest advancements in the field. The chapter on Special Investigations has been rewritten and illustrated to demonstrate how modern imaging devices contribute to diagnosis and monitoring. Additionally, two new chapters have been added. One chapter provides a review of global ophthalmic problems, addressing the challenges faced in different regions. The second new chapter offers an overview of eye problems specific to children.

While the book is primarily aimed at medical students, it also appeals to individuals practicing or studying fields closely related to ophthalmology, such as optometry, orthoptics, and ophthalmic nursing. The inclusion of self-assessment resources available online with the ebook further enhances the learning experience.

Overall, “Ophthalmology: An Illustrated Colour Text, Fourth Edition” serves as a comprehensive and accessible introductory resource in ophthalmology, catering to a wide range of readers interested in the field.