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Osler Neurology 2023 Subscription-Based Review

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Release Date: October 17, 2023
CME on Your Terms – The Osler Institute recorded our Live Webinar September 2023 comprehensive Neurology Review Course, bringing it to you! These files are stored “in the cloud,” so you can stream them anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection, watch or listen to them on your phone, computer, or tablet – your learning experience is almost like being at the live activity but without travel costs and time away from your practice. Each Online review includes an electronic downloadable copy of the syllabus corresponding to the lectures for your use while viewing or as a free-standing study or clinical practice guide.
This comprehensive review will help you pass your Neurology board exams (Initial Certification Exams and Continuing Certification) or physicians in practice wanting a thorough, updated clinical knowledge base. Emphasis is on evidence-based medicine and board-relevant standards of care, incorporating new concepts and treatments. The course includes lectures that review the entire field of Neurology; as a result, it provides a good review.  In addition, the course includes didactic lectures, a discussion of clinical vignettes, and embedded questions for discussion at the end of each topic.
Faculty and Topics
Douglas Gould, Ph.D.
Neuroanatomy I (Peripheral Nerve)
Neuroanatomy II (Central Nervous System)
Neuroanatomy III (Motor System)
Neuroanatomy IV (Sensory Systems)
Neuroanatomy V (Visual System)
Neuroanatomy VI (Auditory and Vestibular)
Neuroanatomy VII (Diencephalon And Limbic Systems)
Erik Ensrud, MD
Anterior Horn Cell
Muscle Disease/ Myopathies
Peripheral Neuropathies
Neuromuscular Junction
MS and Demyelinating Diseases
Spine and Spinal Cord
EMG Overview, Focal Neuropathies
Muhammad Nashatizadeh, MD†
Movement Disorders I (Parkinsonism)
Movement Disorders II (Tremor / Myoclonus)
Movement Disorders III (Hyperkinetic)
Neurocutaneous Disorders
Dementia and Ataxia
Aphasia, Apraxia, and Agnosia
Stroke Prevention (Stroke Risk Reduction)
Stroke Syndromes
Autonomic Disorders
Toxic and Environmental Neurology
Encephalopathy and Coma
Acute Ischemic Stroke
Intracranial Hemorrhage
Kathy Newell, MD
Neuropathology I – IV
Howard Pomeranz, MD, PhD
Neuro-Opthalmology I-III
Thomas Geller, MD
Neurology In The Nursery I and II
Neurologic Disorders of Infancy I and II
Neuro-Oncology and Paraneoplastic Disorders I and II, Questions and Answers
Brian Krause, MD
Substance Abuse I and II
Psychiatric Disorders
Psychopharmacology I and II
Charles Marcuccilli, MD, PhD
Infections Developmental Disorders
Neurodegenerative Metabolic Disorders
Vertigo and Hearing Loss or Neuro-otology
Neurochemistry/ Neurotransmitters
Epilepsy, Sleep, and EEG I – III
Sanjeev Sivakumar MD
Brain and Spinal Cord Trauma
Neurocritical Care
Intracranial Hypertension and Brain Death
Neuroimaging I (Diffusion and Perfusion)
Neuroimaging II (Spine and Peripheral Nerves)
Neuroimaging III (Epilepsy)
Neuroimaging IV (Cranial Nerves)
Neuroimaging V (Demyelinating Disease)