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Osler Obstetrics & Gynecology Online Review 2020 (CME VIDEOS)

49 Videos + 5 PDFs
Release Date: February 18, 2020
Expiration Date: February 17, 2023
Estimated Time to Complete: 46 Hours



Faculty & Topics
Jamil Elfarra, MD
Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist
Norton Health Group, Louisville, KY
Recurrent pregnancy loss, miscarriages and IUFD, Multiple Gestation and Breech presentations, Preterm Labor, Physiologic Changes of Pregnancy, Maternal and Fetal Infections, Ob Ultrasound,  Alloimmunization, Exam Pearls
Frederick Eruo, MD, MPH
Clinical Assistant Prof of Ob & Gynecology Northeastern Ohio University
Breast Diseases, Vulvar Skin Conditions, Operative Techniques, Obstetric Emergencies, Neuro, Psych and GI Disorders in Pregnancy, Antenatal Care and Monitoring, Trauma in Pregnancy, Hematolgoci, Auto Immune and Oncology in Pregnancy
Neeraj Goswamy, MD
Board Certified, Author of Medical Education
Clinical Genetics, Intrapartum Management, Postpartum Disorders and Complications, Genital Tract Infections, Systemic Sexually Transmitted Infections,
Scott Kambiss, DO
Assistant Professor of Ob & Gynecology Uniformed Sciences Univ of Health Sciences
Preoperative and Postoperative Care, Surgical Complications, Smoking and Substance Abuse, Uterine Fibroids, Sexual Disorders, PMS Depression, Prenatal Diagnosis, Surgical Anatomy, Urinary Incontinence, Disorders of Pelvic Support, Abortion
Robert Kauffman, MD
Professor and Chair of Ob & Gynecology Texas Tech University
Amenorrhea, Abnormal Uterine Bleeding, Pediatric Gynecology, Prolactin Disorders, Endocrine Disorders, Hypertension, Cardiac Disorders, Chronic Pelvic Pain and Vulvodynia
Melvin Thornton II, MD
Associate Professor of Ob-Gyn Columbia University
Disorders of Sexual Development, Normal and Abnormal Puberty, Androgen Disorders, Menopause, Contraception
Ken Tatebe, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor Rush University
Ovarian Cancer and Chemotherapy, Uterine Cancer, Pre-Invasive Neoplasia, Cervical Cancer + Radiation

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